Have peace agreements fed me in South Sudan since 1972


I have never eaten with War and peace agreement, what will feed me tomorrow.

Having grown in the bush in South Sudan and camps in Uganda nothing has ever filled my stomach to my expectations of nature in my own God given country.

Before I knew the world my father had told me to take care of the goats at home the only wealth he seem to own in addition to the garden of Grounds nuts, onions, Dura, Tobacco leaves, and other crops and small-scale business he use to do.

In the late 80’s he left the village to a nearby center at the then Zaire (Dr Congo) where he spent his five years looking for the wealth others own. Before my father could feel fed by the natural land that God gave him, it was 1992 in South Sudan. I, my follower and elder sister were on the way moving to Keri a Ugandan town at the South Sudan Uganda border. My father remained in Sudan the current part-South Sudan thinking of his struggle to be fed by his own land. He had already put aside money enough to run his business in Uganda, the then Sudan, Zaire, the Current DRC for number of years. As we go to Uganda thousands are already ahead of us.

My father had already told me ‘’nothing has ever fed a child in this land of Sudan, even the 1972 thing of Joseph Lagu and Alier. There you go to camp in Uganda I do not know what the Grang business will bring to Blacks if the wise Abel and Lagu were defeated by the Arabs how and what can this young John Grang get from the Arabs. If you go there do not think you will come back and enjoy. You will come and go back. For how long have Uganda and Sudan exchanged refugees?’’ He asked. I by that time knew nothing about his words but recalled this after being told at the night of 15 Dec 2013 in Juba that the Christ mass is bad this year war is up again. I asked myself are the words of old man ever correct.  Where can I go now in South Sudan since the Ugandans whom we were refugees in their land are now here in our beloved land South Sudan and yet there is no war literally in Uganda?

If my father said he was not fed by anything even the 1972 thing, am I going to go hungry with the 2005 agreement of the person he referred to as younger than those who signed the Addis Ababa agreement?

Now comes this 2014 January agreement, if my father is to give comments what would he say?