Timing bomb that will soon explode in South Sudan- Has it exploded or its a touch on the fuse

Since the signing of the Sudan-South Sudan comprehensive peace Agreement CPA in 2005 in Kenya, and following the referendum in 2011, many people both in South Sudan and out side South Sudan have said in their analysis or verbally that there is a timing bomb that awaits explosion, then has it exploded or it is yet to go?

During the middle of December 2013, there existed crisis that hit the South Sudan capital Juba and spread quickly to almost the whole country taking many of the 10 states of South Sudan. Only few states remain to host the running population of South Sudan affected states like Jongole, Unity state, Upper Nile, central Equatoria. other states  though not hit directly by the conflict but witnessed huge number of Internally displaced persons and suffer from associated impacts as the United Nations officials  put it. Some of the people remain in UN compounds in the whole country with Juba hosting the largest numbers. Part of the South Sudan affected population crossed to the nearby countries as refuges and analyst say its impacts on those countries are yet to come out.

Here i wonder whether what had happened in South Sudan is the results of the predication that the system and nature of government with behavior of people in the country constitute timing bomb that will explode. And has it really exploded or it is a touch on the fuse and it awaits time with peace talks  going on stop start style.  Is the bomb yet to  fume  the air in the near future?


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