The quest for peace in South Sudan and the role of youth.


40 youths from the ten states of South Sudan and youth groups in the country on Sunday concluded a three day  youth flat form dialogue on confidence and state building workshop to create peace and unity among the youths in the conflict ridden nation.

Speaking during the closer of the meeting, the undersecretary of the National Ministry of Youth Culture and sports Peter Baptist told the youth to be together and cause unity of the new nation.

He said the world love South Sudan evidenced by the large number of world figures that attended the investment conference held in Juba last year before the 2013 mid DEC  conflict.

”Your the majority of this nation and the victims in case of events  so hold together,” he urged the youths.

The youths complained that they are not fully represented in the ongoing peace talks in Ethiopia.

They urged the Ministry to work on the body of the Youth National Union and add more female youth to the national youth crisis management.

Central Equtoria Minister of information Soba Samuel called on the youths to identify their potential in bringing peace in the new nation.


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