South Sudan Media

The media in South Sudan is what the world and media personnel globally need to look at critically if there is need for it in the new nation.

With warnings following threats and harassment inclusive slaps from people you do not understand, there seem to be looming closure of media in South Sudan. Radio stations operating with either music or other programs silenced, print media risk some of their pages or space off and coverage to areas far from Juba have become something so limited.

In the recent days and since the start of the Mid December conflict of 2013, few if not many local and international journalist got their faces with blemish from covering stories in Town. Here then the world of free media work  need to extend their hand to help their South Sudanese friends who are even performing miracles working without media law an example that need to be studied by media expert in the world.

Photographers who earn their living by taking photos and  even do not do much journalistic work fear to move along with their cameras as anybody who carry camera is labeled to be sending away information to other people through journalistic activities. As I write this note one of the media personnel also had been beaten by security for covering event in Juba. Hence the South Sudan Media need rescue before things go off hand.      



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