Juba looks wanting to rain but nothing yet will soon do so if not blocked by each other’s prayers

If you are on your way coming to Juba the sunshine you know is off air today and what you need to do is to get up some things for you to be not wet though the cloudy mood has taken some time without some drops on the earth and this is either happening due to varying prayers from two unhappy sides. Expectant citizens on the streets are seen rushing home others quitting their jobs in fear of being cut off from their family members mostly those in what we call 107 in Munuki far end. But know it for that not for any other thing. That is how we know it though the people of Jebel have their different way of knowing it_Dust from UN repaired road!

The fear of swimming through to your home compound not only hit them but also the staff of Juba’s well known KCB bank on your way to Yei might be because that bridge and the Banks fence tasted the work of flowing rainy water for two times. Though the UNMISS had worked on the road the small bridge still remain as the dust the road work had brought to the people there. Residents of that area most commonly known as Nyokuron as you head to Jebel Market are highly praying for the rain to come to stop that dust which they think could raise unknown sickness. According to them it would have been better for the pot holes to stay put other than smearing their faces with filth which makes them unable to see and sit by the road side to do business. They blame the current cause of their cough to the dirt.  Juba’s looking wanting to rain but nothing had induced in the residents different feelings on the work of the UN on the road. To them touchdown of rain would heal their feelings of abhorrence to the work that brought to them more harm than the good intended only to the big cars the UN and government drive to raise the grime on them whom are not cared for by any side.  As anyone in South Sudan knows and if you have not been to this new country the system of driving is what the author of this text could call “chase away the poor who do not afford four-wheel drives but persist on using  their God-given rav 2 away from the road”, and really they are seen doing it by raising the dry earth that form mad Mud  able to smear the  floor of our huts on the faces of the sweating peddlers though they the peddlers  with their bikes scare away the toe tipping pedestrians  in fear of their lives far away from the community good _THE  ROAD. I think something more than potholes repair have to be done to help both the rich and the poor so that those residents of 107 who wanted God to hear their prayers by letting nonstop sunshine   would one day prayer for rain likewise those who want the  rain do the same because it seems none of these groups prayers would be heard daily.




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