The dead knows

The dead knows


The river of blood

You bath in with your relatives

Ignoring those whose relatives are them died

To get for you and your relatives the happiness

Happiness that earn you all the flights of the world

Will soon go_Far to that land

My son

I tell you

Leave swimming in the happiness

At others expense

History have told us that you have gone longtime

Now called Martyrs though still living

Look at the line of those who did the same like you when on work

Their children are in the jails of Libya

Their generation is Gaddafi’s graves

Their burial will be denied like-Pearl of Africa

Far _the Muslim Land_Saudi Arabia.

Their history _Napoleon’s

Their families exist like Hitler’s

The dead knows   

My son

That this blood one said of mine catches fire

These blood are not red though but looks feral white- sarcophagus

Dead died alive in you if yet was not their time

Ignore the dreams they brought they said

They will take you continues their voices  

For their name liberators is never worthy

The dead knows

And they know



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