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For many writers (me included), we don’t start off with the confidence to yell to the world, “I’m going to be a professional author!” Heck, I wrote a 178,000 word “novel” and still didn’t believe I was a writer. Later, I had over a year and a half of consistent blogging under my belt, multiple short stories, and newbie novels that had been at least good enough to win prestigious contests and yet….

I was not a “real writer.”

Schrödinger Writer? If you put a writer in an office at a keyboard, is the writer alive or dead (real or fake) until the book is published?

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We’ve Come a LONG Way, Baby

The literary landscape has shifted dramatically. More avenues of publishing have opened and become appealing, thus this silly question of, “Are we a real writer?” holds far less power. Believe it or not, when I began blogging, I dedicated…

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AMDISS welcomes new media house to the field, Ateny Wek reveals desire to establish Media house comes true.


Association for media development in South Sudan Sunday evening at Juba’s Freedom Hall welcomed The Juba Telegraph Daily News Paper into the field congratulating the management for the establishment of the Media house in the country.

The new Media house launch was under the theme ‘’Freedom of Expression is not a Destruction’’

‘’You have come at the right time because you waited until the media bills were signed into law then you came,’’ the Association treasurer Alfred Taban also editor in chief of the Juba Monitor daily news paper told The Juba Telegraph management. That means you are very good in timing,’’ ‘’so I hope you will always be right in your timing. We the rest, we came too early and we suffered for it but you came at the right time and I hope you will not suffer for it,’’ he said.

Taban said On behalf of AMDISS, ‘’I would say that The Juba Telegraph has done a wonderful thing because it has improved the diversity of the media that the Association for Media Development has been calling for in the Country’’. 

He added: ‘’ diversity not only in Board of Directors, the choice of Journalist but also the choice of ideas and this is what we have been calling for in AMDISS that the Media must be diversified and this is very good,  Congratulations for that’’.

The veteran Journalist in the country decried the problem of communities’ link with the government stressing that South Sudanese are divorced from the government top leadership describing it to be one big problem causing all the public to be discussing government related mishaps like corruption.

He called on the new Print media house to reflect issues affecting the South Sudanese communities pointing out that the work of the Media houses are being hindered by the behaviors of the government.

 ‘’So when I came back from England it was very difficult for me to get a job and I thought I should not encourage nepotism by asking my Uncles, Paternal and maternal uncles for a Job when in fact   I am qualified to work anywhere in the world’’, South Sudan’s presidential press secretary Ateny Wek Ateng also one of the believed father of The Juba Telegraph said during the launch of the news Paper.  So I thought I wanted to be a stake holder, but what do I do so that the South Sudanese recognizes the fact that   I am a stake holder.

Ateny said with the help of Nhial Bol Aken (the Editor in chief of Juba’s The Citizen daily News paper) he came and established a column called ‘’ beating the drum of truth’’.

‘’With today’s team ‘’ Freedom of Expression is not destruction’’ I was not meaning to destroy any body but I had wanted space to be a stake holder in this country,’’ he said. So, how do I get it? How do I become stake holder? Do I have to go and knock people’s doors so that they see me? Or do I have to start standing in the street so that I start to be a beggar?’’  The press secretary asked.

Ateny added that he decided to write choosing the area of criticism criticizing anyone he sees  doing something wrong warning that criticism should be done constructively that is why the team is freedom of expression is not destruction.

The former columnist writing his column ‘’beating the drum of truth’’ while with the Citizens News paper that earned him the current positions of South Sudan’s presidential spoke person said he will be back to writing in The Juba Telegraph with new column ‘’SEROIUS OBSERVATION’’ alongside his government work .

He said when he was writing his column mentioning wrong doings of other institutions the persons concerned in those intuitions take things to be personal adding that he had to take that and kept writing stressing that he believed freedom of expression is not given but taken by writers like himself.

‘’I would like to tell you the background of The Juba Telegraph because many questions are lingering there and they cannot find answers until I volunteer to give some answers. If I do not volunteer to give some answers you will be there to just guess and your guess will arrive at regrettable conclusion.  Sometimes if you leave anything in South Sudan to be guessed, people will guess and guess and guess until there is no end to the gushing,’’ Ateny said.

He said the idea of forming a news paper was conceived when he was still writing the column with Nhial Bol Aken’s News paper.

‘’ I thought I should have my own news paper because I don’t want if I get  to the government  like now I am  the press secretary of the president I don’t  want to be seen  as if,  if I leave the office of the president then I will be a useless person  not doing anything,’’ the press secretary said , ’’ I had wanted a place always to return to when the government that has given me an opportunity to do something at this particular time when it comes to the point that they ask  me please you   go back to where you belong then I go to where I belong and I will not take animosity against those who have appointed me because taking animosity have destroyed this country and that is why there is war now, So if I was to stay without forming a news paper nobody would have doubt that I can also  have the vision that would one day allow me to come up with an idea of this kind.’’

The Juba Telegraph comes into operations following  harsh environment for both private local and international media houses and journalist operations in the country though the country’s Media bills are said to have been signed in to law by the president and expected to change the environment.  Nearly a week to the launch of The Juba Telegraph, Michael Makuei Lueth South Sudan’s government spokes person warned Journalist at meeting  to report as nationalist and put their country first.








Writers, writing never die if one tires to kill one day


One day

I will die of writing

But writing will forget to bury me.

If I am dead

My corpses will keep writing

Writing! Writing!

And Writing!

If my corpse decompose

There will be maggots with fluids of my flesh

The fluids produced will keep writing

Writing! Writing!

And writing

These maggots, fluids may die and dry too one day.

But still my flesh form soil

This soil will keep writing

Writing! Writing!

And Writing

This soil one day will be washed away by rainy water

If it does

I know my body has fats

These remains there writing

Writing! Writing!

And writing

They say fats dries up to form the world blood sucking underground petroleum

If it does

I know my body has bones

Though other animals may feed on them

These animals swallow bits and leave bits

They will keep writing

Writing! Writing!

And writing

If these bits are burned in to ashes

The ashes can’t be burnt to ashes

If you put this ashes under the sea

They remain in that last form

Where and how they will be,

They will keep writing




President Barack Obama’s $37 billion business Investment in Africa


PR 168 President Barack Obama announces $37 billion business investment in Africa and $110 million annual peacekeeping support.

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia P. O. Box 3243 Telephone: +251 11 551 7700 / +251 11 518 25 58/ Ext 2558
Press Release Nº168/2014
President Barack Obama announces $37 billion business investment in Africa,
and $110 million annual peacekeeping support
Washington, DC, USA – 6August 2014:United States President Barack Obama
announced a $37 billion investment in Africa, and another $110 million annual support
to African Union peacekeeping efforts, at the end of the premier US-Africa Leaders’
Summit held in Washington DC, United States of America from 4-6 August 2014.
Among other announcements, the African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA) will be
renewed with more products included; over 60 million African homes to be lighted
throughto the Power African Initiative, and an African Centre for Disease Control (CDC)
will be established in collaboration with the African Union.
Speaking at a press conference following the end of the Summit, H.E. Dr.
NkosazanaDlaminiZuma, AU Commission Chairperson thanked President Obama for
hosting the historic Summit, and for the announcements made that will further
strengthen the relationship between Africa and the US.
“It was a very successful summit with frank discussions among the leaders. We
commend President Obama’s leadership and commitment as well as of his
Administration to the deepening of US-Africa partnership. This summit is an important
milestone in the longstanding relationship between U.S. and Africa.” She said.
For three days the leadersfrom Government, civil society and private sector of both
sides engaged in discussions on taking the partnership to a new level based on mutual
respect and shared interests.
“Africa looks forward to doing business with American companies, not because we need
aid or assistance, but because it makes business sense to invest in Africa.”Dr.
DlaminiZumaassured highlighting the potentials in the continent, adding that, “if America
business do not hasten to invest, others will, becauseit makes sense to do so.”
The AUC Chairperson said the summit was held at a very opportune moment, when
Africa is conceiving its Agenda 2063,the future it wants in the next 50 years.The content
of the high level dialogue was in line with the Common African Position on Post-2015
Development agenda, and the aspirations of theAfrican people clearly emerging from
The leaders examined how to work together to advance trade and investment relations,
particularly in infrastructure and energy, transforming African economies and integrating
the global value chains. The importance of quality and timely service delivery was
Regional integration, it was agreed,must be accelerated not just as social imperative,
but as economic necessity. President Obama pledged to support continental integration
initiatives, while contributing to building capacity to facilitate intra-continental trade, as
well as negotiating contractual agreements with investors, to enhance beneficiation from
local resource exploitation.
During the dialogue with almost 50 African leaders in attendance, theyarticulated in
unison the support to curb the illicit financial flows from Africa. Mechanisms will be
established to build the capacities of AfricanStates to monitor and limit the illicit flow of
funds through tax evasion and other unacceptable methods.
The leaders focused on systemic security challenges and threats, and how to address
them more effectively at the regional and continental levels.They agreed to enhance
regional cooperation, crisis prevention and support to African early warning
mechanisms. The US willassist countries that have already indicated their willingness to
form part of the rapid deployment capacities, and peacekeeping.President Obama
announced an annual contribution of $110 million to support the African Union’s
peacekeeping initiatives in countries like Somalia and the Central African Republic. The
US will also support capacity development to build strong and professional security
Investing in women and youth is a continental agenda that was fully embraced by the
US administration. Ahead of the conference about 500 youths had been invited to
participate in the Young African Leadership Initiative (YALI). Supporting the
empowerment of youth and women will remain central as the leaders look toward
“Investing in the next generation,” as was the main theme of the Summit.
As this maiden summit drew to a close, it was unclear when the next Summit will take
place. However, President Barack Obama voiced his encouragementfor his successor
to continue with this initiative, which he described as a “critical part of our work going

Scotland fly your flag


Fly your flag like mine Scotland

I did mine three years back

and here i am moving

moving tips





Fly your flag like mine Scotland

Scotland flag, kbolino freeshell

Scotland flag, kbolino freeshell

But be not like me

that always move tips





South Sudan flag wiki pedia

South Sudan flag wiki pedia

fly and move differently

but do not be called the younger nation

younger nation is yet my name

fly but do not do what i did

move differently


I tell you

To be called young is mine

but my people are old as their land

Move differently

Why (Good) History Matters: The Republican National Committee and the AP Exams


That Devil History

RNC Chairman Reince Priebus scowls as thinks about actually educating Americans about history. RNC Chairman Reince Priebus scowls as he thinks about actually educating Americans about history.

Have you ever heard someone say that pursuing the liberal arts is a waste of time? Sure you have. The refrain goes something like this: Studying the liberal arts is a waste of time because you’ll never get a job with a “useless” degree in English, Art, or (gasp!) History. A few years back, for example, the estimable Forbes ran an article titled “The Ten Worst College Majors,” and, of course, almost all of them were liberal arts majors. In a similar vein, Thought Catalog troll Matt Saccaro has claimed that the liberal arts, including history and literature, should be outright removed from college in order to focus on “what matters;” namely, making lots of money.

This granite-headed attitude — that the study of the HUMAN EXPERIENCE is now pointless because it won’t make you any…

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Crying because of misuse of public funds not for killing people?


The world has got many things that pain the heart, one of it is misuse of public funds. As I was listening to BBC yesterday I was surprised that others cry when they know that they have not acted according to what their job puts them to do. This was true with Ghanaian former Member of Parliament according to the BBC, if you get your eyes wet for that, what then will those who kill thousand innocent lives using bombs do? And do they any way feel that they are doing something bad in the world? Or their time for regret has not yet turned and if it is to come to their time to rethink what will they do then? Will they cry or die of humiliation? I think we need to learn that what we do as leaders hit others and implicit pain. Let us work for peace and stop misuse of anything even if it is resources that you use to produce gun that these leaders use to promote their corruption in the world and later cry to please the citizens for another positions. Put this resource for happiness making product not sadness creation product.  I do not think that that politician cried thinking about the people he would have helped with that money. He was teary because he was even corrupt to himself. He misused that money at home until is over and now he is regretting for having put the money in unproductive activity thinking that he was going to be sitting put in that office to get more money but he got himself picked and put in the dust bin of politicians. Those who kill people by the use of the gun to protect their interest if it is their turn to make flash back, they need to tell the world now of what they will do because those who misuse money cry. Tell us your way of regret. Those who produce guns to be used by these body guards of the world killers should also know that one day they will be eye wet as BBC story tells though I know that body guards are nothing even if they carry with them the world strongest weapons. I say this because it is only God that guards everybody in the world. If you are out there having body guards, who is the body guard of your body guard. Others even have skinny body Guards that look like the dying malnourished person in a war torn Country. If you have this guard, will he stop bees from ambushing you to death? It is only you who eat leaving your life care taker starving? Guards should have stamina to even enable him or her fix one bullet in Magazine.  Think of yourself to have taken flight with two of the Malaysian airlines- one that went missing with all the people until tomorrow and one that was brought down over Ukraine together with your body guards, who would have recued you if you happened to be alive among the rest? Is it your body guard or God?

If all war lords in the world think that their actions are so bad that even pain the heart, then they need not wait until they cry like these men who cry of misuse of money.






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Dancing Elephants by Heinrich Kley Dancing Elephants by Heinrich Kley

What nobody tells you as an artist is that every project starts at the beginning. Not just the blank page, the empty stage, but that you have to re-establish your credentials and your quality every time. You can coast on reputation a little, but it doesn’t last long if you don’t deliver.

What nobody tells you is that praise—a standing ovation, a good review, your teacher’s approval—makes you feel good for a day, but one line of internet criticism from a stranger reverberates in your skull forever.

Frankly, I don’t see what all the fuss is about.

(I tried to feel bad when that critic killed himself the next year, but I didn’t.)

What nobody tells your boyfriend is that writing 3000 words in a calm, soothing, supportive environment still leaves you too tired to call home at the end of the day. So does…

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