I do not know why I turn in my mother’s womb.

I do not know why I turn in my mother’s womb.

My mum while telling me stories about how I became to be, she told me more on my behavior while in the womb.

She said to me I could twist several times that let her do no work sometimes but keep on feeling the pain that I induced in her as I turn.

Mum told me even at night I could make her sit thinking of why I do this to her all time, saying she felt even bad that regret filled her heart and mind.

 And I believe many of you out there today might have had this experience on hearing pregnant people complain about their unborn.

Though your mother had not told you her stories when you were doing what I did to mine, you already know that this happens to all children while in womb and you yourself had caused this to your mother.

For you age bearing and those born do not think that there is no reason as to why that happens though I tried to ask many people as to why they roll while in womb and had given varying answers with one being looking for peace, we who are outside here today will tell why one turns in the womb if the answer looking for peace in not correct.

 Like in today’s world that looks hot to us like the womb to the fetus we run up and down looking for peace when there is conflict.

Where there is conflict we run away.

But we do not feel embarrassed when we are the source of the conflict

Instead we run to hid looking for safe places  

 We have taken refuge in many people’s homes if there is something wrong that either you who are running might have caused or the other partners.

 For the babies that are in the womb they have not caused the heat in their mother’s womb I believe because they are made of the blood of the two parents hence have the right to disturb the mother so as to come out to be free.

But for us who cause conflict and look for refuge, if all people in their families behave in our way, where are we going to run.

 For example if I fight my wife and chase her away, my neighbor do what I did sending away all his family members and this goes on and on and on and on and on and on

Who will stay as refugee at whose place?

For the child runs away from the womb to be cuddled by the parent

For us who cause our places to be hot if all do the same

Who will be our clasp?      

For you babies also leave your mother enjoy the comfort of her years of struggle for you  

For you old people think why you were turning in your mother’s womb

Is it because you feel the heat in the womb will kill you the same way you run from conflict in fear of dead?





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