You have turned OW

In short period like smile of delighted crying admirer

Paean is no more,

But agony

Passing through the same bullets

They kept thinking of their ballots

Calling for their witch doctor

Demise amidst the mountains

His soul taken by the magic of that bush up those hills

They saw the soul flew and they thought it was the rainy cloud

Thought to watch in peace,

Now watching with pain  

Watching though not at peace with his comrades

Paean during peace is present but away now

His bones still live in our coffin

With pass ways filled with hooting crabs that brought wealth of poverty

It took away our happiness

It took away our identity

It scared our lives more

These crabs running from different directions

Scares away on the path

Those with who hopes lie

With no more like to sing again

But thinking when to morn their

Witch doctor in the belly of the mountain magic

So as to sing their songs of joy  

And call them to stand up for their regained freedom


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