Crying because of misuse of public funds not for killing people?

The world has got many things that pain the heart, one of it is misuse of public funds. As I was listening to BBC yesterday I was surprised that others cry when they know that they have not acted according to what their job puts them to do. This was true with Ghanaian former Member of Parliament according to the BBC, if you get your eyes wet for that, what then will those who kill thousand innocent lives using bombs do? And do they any way feel that they are doing something bad in the world? Or their time for regret has not yet turned and if it is to come to their time to rethink what will they do then? Will they cry or die of humiliation? I think we need to learn that what we do as leaders hit others and implicit pain. Let us work for peace and stop misuse of anything even if it is resources that you use to produce gun that these leaders use to promote their corruption in the world and later cry to please the citizens for another positions. Put this resource for happiness making product not sadness creation product.  I do not think that that politician cried thinking about the people he would have helped with that money. He was teary because he was even corrupt to himself. He misused that money at home until is over and now he is regretting for having put the money in unproductive activity thinking that he was going to be sitting put in that office to get more money but he got himself picked and put in the dust bin of politicians. Those who kill people by the use of the gun to protect their interest if it is their turn to make flash back, they need to tell the world now of what they will do because those who misuse money cry. Tell us your way of regret. Those who produce guns to be used by these body guards of the world killers should also know that one day they will be eye wet as BBC story tells though I know that body guards are nothing even if they carry with them the world strongest weapons. I say this because it is only God that guards everybody in the world. If you are out there having body guards, who is the body guard of your body guard. Others even have skinny body Guards that look like the dying malnourished person in a war torn Country. If you have this guard, will he stop bees from ambushing you to death? It is only you who eat leaving your life care taker starving? Guards should have stamina to even enable him or her fix one bullet in Magazine.  Think of yourself to have taken flight with two of the Malaysian airlines- one that went missing with all the people until tomorrow and one that was brought down over Ukraine together with your body guards, who would have recued you if you happened to be alive among the rest? Is it your body guard or God?

If all war lords in the world think that their actions are so bad that even pain the heart, then they need not wait until they cry like these men who cry of misuse of money.



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