Grow fruits South Sudan

In Juba city fruits are taking up our taste and putting food on other people’s plates. There are many of us South Sudanese these days that at least eat them in different forms once in our meal time. We either take during breakfast, lunch or supper. Others eat while relaxing yet it is one thing that might have kept the heart of other people’s loved ones glued to them. Some lovers carry with them many fruits like apple, banana, mango though mangoes are known for those who have stayed longer in their relation and for other reasons that you know that is why they are called . For Banana I was told that if your heart and feelings fan needs some do buy the small one for her otherwise she might not eat if you want to entertain her with the big type. I do not know why but find out. If you move to the hotels in Juba you find that you hardly miss to eat one piece of this fruit that you scarcely find its tree standing if not in gardens but on South Sudanese home compounds even as follower to attract that singing bird for your baby to smile as it play under the nice shade the fruit’s tree provide. Leave alone those I mentioned but what these days is nearly replacing tea in Juba_ Avocado juice. Though Juice does not only come from Avocado, there are other plants that we always drink Juice made of them but yet we know nothing about growing. If we take one fruit that we think is what we always buy from other countries because it hit taste in the country and ensure that every citizen residing in area fertile for it should plant, how many years it will take for us to be selling this fruit to others if not only for the country. I have to mention apple what girls like to call from their men though I do not need to call for it to be grown due to its cultivation requirements. If you have more skills do grow it then do so,  so that we also buy for our ladies here in the country.  Apple, organ and Irish Potatoes and chicken hit women menu when giving you that call but where are their gardens in the country though Irish is not fruit but it has certain connections here. Why I write this today is because I always sit near fruit sellers in Juba and in the evening you see our young ones come paired with Eve calling for the fruit from Adam. The Biblical story seem to have been changed I do not know yet. Though it is the Eve representative calling the fruit from Adam’s, these if not grown in the country may increase health, education, social, political, economic and religious problems among the youths in South Sudan if not only in Juba’s Joborona area.  Friuts plantations  are a necessity  in our country.


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