Happy Independence day Ugandans, Take care of Marburg

As South Sudanese celebrated their 2014 Independence Day amidst conflict with its associated effects, the world is yet to see South Sudan’s Neighbor Uganda a big ally of the world young nation in the region celebrate their 2014 independence day come Thursday 9th October with lives of citizens threatened by the Marburg viral diseases though the Uganda Media has reported 11 cases suspected of the diseases to have tested Negative. With the two countries relation amongst the top leadership that comes down to the citizens sometimes, there will be high level invitations of South Sudanese by Uganda for the attendance of the 9 Oct event. Uganda host big number of South Sudanese for many reasons. South Sudanese who are in Uganda will also attend the Uganda’s Independence Day celebrations in different forms and mostly as pupils and students at various levels of education marching along the streets towards the respective venues of the respective districts and schools that they will be representing in Uganda if the Celebrations go on as usual despite the disease. Those South Sudanese who are not of school going age but are there in the country for many reasons not forgetting refuge may not jump away by any means in celebrating the day. As with the case of South Sudan that her Independence day witnessed  War impacts and that time  Ugandans ran away in the country in fear of their lives, South Sudanese lives will also undergo fear test from the disease but with no hopes of running away since living conditions at home stands against them unlike Ugandans  whom fled the South Sudan 15 December event effects back home and found little comfort though they were worried of their pockets that South Sudan had been sweetening with some dollar. The life threatening diseases has not only put fear in the hearts of Ugandans and their government but also it did to the South Sudan government and her citizens who are residing in Uganda and at home. Headlines has already started appearing in the South Sudan Media alerting the Population of the disease that is taking away hopes of Happiness within the Ugandan communities abroad and at home though the Ugandan Media quoted their national ministry of health and reported that 11 suspected cases  tested negative for the virus http://www.monitor.co.ug/News/National/11-suspected-cases-test-negative-for-Marburg–Ebola. As worries are at hand in South Sudan, South Sudanese citizens stands many chances of getting the disease since they are too in the country that have started recording presence of the disease. Records show that many citizens of the two countries travel to and fro many times visiting their families and businesses in either country. This does not rule out the fact that most of the supplies  in to  South Sudan comes from the Pearl of Africa that makes bonds of the sisterly nations stronger when coming to making decisions on  travel regulations. South Sudan that agencies has been warning of possible food shortages may not think of any way to close border taking the reality that the current war affected the new nation leaving Uganda as major South Sudan  transport link to the outside world by road. Prices are expected to go up should the South Sudan government devalue its currency  against the dollar as fears of the disease slides in together with (Devaluation in South Sudan) a process that is said to be in pipeline awaiting signature from Country’s high desk may add to difficult life if the disease is to turn in to South Sudan. As of Tuesday in South Sudan’s Juba Teaching Hospital where by the time I was seeking treatment for bruises that thieves implicated on me when they broke in to my room at night while I was sleeping at around 3:00 to 4:00 am and started asking for money from me as they slap me with Machetes, pointing Knife at me   but I had no any Money which resulted in to exchange of fists and I defeated them by holding one of the two thieves who was too beaten to hospital level and we looked for  treatment together though later police refused to listen to the case saying the thief was badly beaten and could die at their hands and he was let  go to seek for treatment as I do , I saw sick person with unusual signs that made me sacred of Staying in the Hospital and I dared not to touch anything around there except the ground I was standing  on. I was thinking something was wrong though I did not ask any doctor of the causes of what seemed too much rushes or burn on that person’s hand through the armpit and the chest to the belly. Looking at the level of health facilities in the two Countries, South Sudan rest at high risk of not having enough synergy as government intuitions unless it is done the way Cholera had been looked at by combining many efforts unlike Uganda that already have isolations centers to cater for the lives of people suspected to have contracted any disease of either Ebola like, like the Marburg disease. South Sudan need to do more in many areas in its ten states as life style here is and how people socialize in regard to economic, political and traditional living conditions may be risky if the virus is to dock home and not get advantage of taking many lives as the war did.

An Ebola isolation unit at Mulago Hospital rehabilitated to accommodate suspected Marburg patients File pHOTO

An Ebola isolation unit at Mulago Hospital rehabilitated to accommodate suspected Marburg patients File pHOTO of Daily Monitor Uganda

I wish Ugandans all over the world happy independence celebration in their struggle to making Uganda a better place to leave in and God give them power to fight any thing that challenges the lives and happiness of the people staying in the country. Happy Independence Day Uganda!


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