Child hood games unending games in happy times for the adult rich today.

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Little did I know that what I was doing when a child constitute what the today’s rich do. When I was little but could manage to move and Swim, tie up rope on a tree to sway or to where there is sand soil and heap them up either on my toes, feet, belly and play around with that sand until I turn sand looking and happiness fill my heart but to the unhappiness of my Parents to an extend whip could pass my buttocks according to adult  for making myself dirty or to warn me of possible dangers that children games may cause , Playing with soil while swimming and tree swing where I grew up is most interesting for children as they make up everything for the children day. Today swimming is a game internationally and earns living for the swimmers and their families. As a child in a playing group you make families of both sexes and build the soil to different forms of objects including babies for your wife that you have selected, house hold like tables, chairs, radios, cars, bikes etc including utensils. These things today you see the old people in the industrialized countries produce them from soil and sell them to earn money while swings and swimming pools are put in many places too to earn living. Even as child if you make these products locally and they look nice today the grown up people can buy for their children to keep playing with which is a good development at child hood. Childhood never end and it keeps on going that is why today I still see children keep doing this as they play which needs the adult critical eye to get children  inventions and innovations and skills and talent development . With the Radio you can risk being stung by bees so that you put it inside to make that sound for you to listen. To get a bee you have to follow where they look for their material to make honey and after getting it then there you are.  You will smartly sit on your chair as you wait for food being prepared using the Pots made out of the soil as you listen to the bee make your news and anything you assume radio brings to you in the form of the bee sound. The bee being caged inside makes more sounds than when in their hive. It is what you enjoy as radio listening at child hood.  Walking around as you do all that big people do when listening to radio you can start cleaning the mud made bike the way old people do. You can also make the same soil as food and the wife will bring this food to you and you pretend to be eating the food with your visitor in case you have one in a day’s time. Playing as a child is invention and innovation let the children be allowed to do so because nobody was born at the current being. Everybody was a child and might have passed this life. It allows the child to go to get anything as he or she sees the world come close. These days you find rich people go and spend time and Money playing where there is sand the same way the children do. Looking for relaxation! When I was a child I risk being beaten for doing that by the grown up yet this adults know how happy and relaxed one can be in such place. If children are playing be mild to them and keep watch only not to cause accident and listen to their world you may think these are big people the way they talk. Where there is sand there is water after making yourself look like that you jump back in the water and wet yourself a little then back on the sand exactly this happens today among people looking at life in the beach. The recent world cup in Brazil made me think of my child hood when I watched people all over on the sand happily encouraging their teams to win opponents. Recalling the swing that we had as children and today seeing it around big leisure place paired groups go and sway and swim while taking their favorite drinks and food to relax, playing among children as well as adults is a way of letting the mind get new things and get the old refreshed and making us think of our child hood as adults. So we too need to give our children make their child hood history for them to remember when they turn rich and visiting leisure places with children games flash back.

I would love to hear or read you additions subtractions  to this!



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