Kopuri Pupil writes to UNMISS calling for passenger tricycle to easy education process.

Photo from  Masterweb Reports

Photo from Masterweb Reports

Pupil at kopuri Primary school last Saturday  addressed a letter to UNMISS Rwanda contingent urging the UN agent to buy for him a passenger tricycle  to help him move to school as well raise some money for school fee during free time to pay him and his followers.

Simon Wani Sarafino a primary five pupil during the celebration of the UN International Day says it is difficult for him to move alone to school if there is no one to push him calling on the UMISS or any well wisher to provide him with a means of transport that he can ride without being pushed.

He currently uses hand cycles which requires someone to help push him as two of his legs are paralyzed stating that if given a machine that uses fuel other than extra human strengthen he could easily move long distances alone.

‘’I write this letter to you so that you can be able to help me. I am disabled and I use this bicycle for going to school. I have no money. I live here in Kopuri and use this wheel chair (referring to the hand cycle) to go to school but when it rains and no one pushes you it is terrible,’’ he says.

Wani who looks educationally interested to get to any level says he started going to school since 2009 until 2014 using the hand cycle through difficulties that is why he asked the UN to buy for him the passenger tricycle that uses petrol so that it reduces his problems. He adds that he could also start ferrying passengers during free time to earn money for him and his followers since to drive passenger tricycle require the uses of hands.

The pupil says his father who is an army has low pay that can’t let him (Wani) attain his desired education goal adding that he currently resorted to raising his school fee by blacksmith making arrows.

He though says he uses the money he raised through black smith to buy goats and sell when school starts; he adds the money he raises could not cater for his fee and that of his followers.

Rwanda UN Contingent is constructing Kopuri primary school along Juba Yambio road.

The UN forces received the letter and confirmed they would look in to Wani’s request.

Generally in South Sudan and Gudele residential area a suburb in Juba particularly road to Kopuri there are many passenger tricycle operators earning money for their pockets a business that might have attracted Wani to join and get money.

Most youths, nationals and foreigners including some elderly in Juba pay themselves and their children in school by operating  commercial motor cycle commonly known as ‘BODA BODA’ in East Africa and ‘OKADA’ in Nigeria.


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