UNSC expected to renew UNMISS mandate in South Sudan.

The United Nations Security Council in its November monthly focus posted on Thursday says they are likely to renew the Mandate of their mission in South Sudan prior to expiration date November 30th 2014.

In their focus the Council says underlying key issue continues to be the need to find a political solution to the crisis adding that without a durable settlement, the fighting will likely get worse and the suffering of civilians will increase when the dry season begins creating conditions that facilitate enhanced movement.

‘’Another key issue is what role the Council, in conjunction with the broader UN system and other actors, can play in strengthening the ability of UNMISS to protect civilians, facilitate humanitarian access and uphold human rights,’’ States the focus.

The council stresses that the other   important issue is how to approach the question of accountability for the perpetrators of serious human rights violations.

The UNSC adds that the AU Commission of Inquiry is expected to release a report in November with recommendations for healing, reconciliation and accountability for human rights violations in South Sudan.

‘’Given the fluid situation on the ground, it is possible that the Council may hold one or more additional meetings to discuss South Sudan during the month.’’  UNSC says.

‘’The most likely option is for the Council to renew UNMISS, maintaining a streamlined mandate focusing on protection of civilians, facilitation of humanitarian access and human rights monitoring.’’ The UNSC stressed.

The UN agent says they would decide to implement targeted sanctions such as an assets freeze and travel ban on spoilers to the peace process who have committed gross violations of international human rights and humanitarian law; impose an arms embargo on the country and refer the situation in South Sudan to the ICC.

The council further adds that they may also urge troop- and police-contributing countries to expedite the deployment of remaining authorized personnel, with supporting equipment, to help the mission operate at full capacity; call for the use of community liaison assistants to help UNMISS peacekeepers enhance dialogue with local communities and get timely information about potential threats, as has been done constructively in the UN Stabilisation Mission in the Democratic Republic of the Congo; and make a special request for donors to fulfill the 2014 Crisis Response Plan for South Sudan, which was funded at only 61.3 percent at press time ($1.1 billion of $1.8 billion requested).

The Council could also choose to invite Olusegun Obasanjo, the chair of the AU Commission of Inquiry on South Sudan, to brief on the Commission’s report the focus added.


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