Community Empowerment for Progress Origination a local Civil Society on Tuesday urges the regional body IGAD mediating between the South Sudan conflicting parties to push quickly for peace before the start of the dry season.

The Executive Director for CEPO Edimon Yakani during a Walk for Peace conducted in Juba under the theme ‘’Violence Never Gains’’, calls on IGAD to be committed and ensure that the warring parties too commit themselves to peace as IGAD Heads of states Summit is at the door steps.

He says there are too many consultations that drag time.

Yakani sending his massage to IGAD adds that the people are tired of the war stressing that as regional institutions IGAD would be hold accountable if there is no quick push for peace as the only options for the people of South Sudan.

Enough is enough, violence never gains and violence hits us all Yakani tells the warring parties in his massages urging them to abstain from using violence as option of resolving problems and use non violent approach.

Peter Longole Kuam the chairman of peace and reconciliation committee in the National Legislative Assembly on his part points out that  the walk for peace is one of the most unforgettable days where people expresses their love to the people killed in one of the highest crime done to this nation on 15 December 2013.

‘’We are protesting against this crime. We have lost over 10 thousand lives of our loved ones. We lost these lives meaninglessly.  We spent 2.5 million lives in the liberations in order to get independence,’’ He says, ‘’ we spent blood, we spend lives, we spend flesh, we spend bones and we spend our selves in order to get independence. That was a blessed price for us for, the generation to come and for the land. It is honorable who lost those lives but today is contrary.’’

‘’When we see ourselves spending because of positions, because I want get rich, because I want get power, what type of richness, what type of power!, If you get will you be buried with all these powers you are wasting people’s lives for?, Will you go to heaven with these every riches that you want waste lives of the people?,’’ Kuam asks.

It is really painful! So it is today that we expressed the protest against waste of lives and materials meaninglessly. He adds.

Responding to journalist questions about the ongoing peace talks in Ethiopia he says the People of South Sudan want peace and it makes the peace negotiation be on the positive part.

Kuam adds that what is in their mind as peace lovers is the question of extending the protest to the rest of the country’s ten states to affect those who want to use the peace negotiations in order to achieve positions.

‘’We have been asking our citizens, women, youth, government, religious originations, refuges and displaced people to be the one participating in the peace process because they are the most affected people,’’ the chairman of the committee continues ‘’ It should have not been led by the very people that have been fighting here because of positions otherwise they are going to negotiate for their positions not peace’’.

We spend lives in order to get the Positions! These are curse positions although the peace will come, the conflict will continue again because it is evil peace; otherwise sustainable peace is the peace which is owned by all the citizens with all the processes because they will be the one responsible to sustain. Kuam stresses.

He reveals if the citizens are sidelined he does not think the peace would be sustained.

The Chairman argues  that the nature of signing the peace and the behavior of the signatories shows lack of respect asking that who would respect the peace on their behave if they (Kirr and Riek)  do not respect their signatures they put on those papers.

He asks: what is the guarantee that when Kirr and Riek sign the remaining part of the peace deal and come to South Sudan they will respect?

Despite several singed documents and times of sittings for negations in an attempt to bring peace and end the 11 month long conflict in the world’s young nation, SPLM/A warring parties are yet exchanging blames on who has started attacks on each other in the battle fields jeopardizing the peace that the suffering populations are yawning for in camps, Diaspora, homes and protections of civilian sites all over the UNMISS compounds in the Nation.

Tobias Atari Okori Acting Director General in South Sudan Peace and Reconciliation Commission puts his tone that the Walk for Peace is a simple way of saying we are tired of war but not a violent means of achieving peace in the country.

He points that there are many ways including conferences, peace workshops, and consultations with stake holders to demand for peace sending out his peace massage to the South Sudanese and the conflicting groups that there is no means to peace through violence other than peaceful means.


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