Jonglei traders urge Governor to resolve grievances within a week

The Leaders of Jonglei Chamber of commerce a state arm that represents traders in the state Tuesday says in a press release that they have given their governor John Kong Nyuon until Friday to resolve their grievances to avoid a stern action against him.

They says Traders in Bor Town closed the state capitals Bustling Marol Market shops last week as a protest to state authorities decisions to award a 10 million dollar letter transfer to purchase State bound imports to only 24 companies of which nine were locally based and genuine.

‘’The businesses which are feeding the thousand of returnees to the state are not getting the critical support they deserve. The rest of the companies that benefited from hard currencies allocations belonged to unscrupulous highly connected government officials, relatives and Juba dollar dealers. Inflation has hit the roof inn Jonglei since traders are buying dollars expensively in the black market to purchase goods from outside our borders,’’ the statement adds. ‘’A bag of Cement in the state now cost 135 SSP from 70 SSP. How can the businesses then rebuild their previously destroyed Markets? How can Bor be reconstructed after it was mercilessly raged down?’’

We cannot accept this blatant unfairness in the light of the fact that initiative to get the Governor to speak to our president to assist war affected traders in Jonglei was ours in the first place the leaders stated.

They said the president went and extended services to the rest of Greater Upper Nile States that equally devastated by conflict adding that their legitimate companies which are a lifeline to the state supplying goods to as far as Ayod borders and Greater Pibor were emaciated by corrupt state machinery.

‘’We are encouraged by our Governor’s seeming responsiveness to our cause. We applaud the letter that Governor Kong wrote to Central Bank recently to cancel the problematic allocation list but we are aware that the Qatar National Bank cannot act on the strength of a letter written by a state Governor,’’ the document reads ‘’ Such Message needs to be endorsed fully by the Central Bank Governor.”

The leaders say: We do not harbor a political agenda and hope for an amicable resolution of our core concern. We are greatly disturbed by the disparities that are being introduced by some greedy elements in our society adding that if there is justice, the governor would have pressed the national government to compensate the traders for their inquired losses during the conflict.

‘’ We require some 12, 707, 000 million pounds to rebuild Marol Market with basic Iron sheets. Our assessment of business from Bor County, Bor Town, Twic East, Duk and Pigi areas reported property, cash and good looses totaling to 300 million SSP in the conflict. Sadly we find ourselves pushed to the wall but we have not yet lost hope in our Governor’s ability to defuse the tension. We count on him to shine light to this dark matter,’’ they concluded.


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