Bag picking increases in Juba as Charismas nears

One Person in the early hours of Monday morning in Juba lost her bag to thieves who pretend to be operating taxi ferrying passengers through Malakia Juba route.

The Victim says that as people struggle to get bus they were lured to enter a car along the Junction to konyokonyo only to be told later that the bus is not moving any were.

‘’I entered the taxi then I see two people sitting behind. They told me to come and sit in the front and I came. When I sat in the front, there is one smartly dressed person holding laptop. I think he is an official. I sat next to him and put my bag also next at the front mirror. The driver then told me to adjust the divining mirror but my hand is short. When I stretched I helped him. After I adjusted it they told me to go down.’’ The victim narrated.

The affected says: ‘’The Taxi owners told me, we are not going to Juba; we’re going to the hospital. We are sorry.’’

As I come down from the taxi I find that my bag is light and when I opened my goodies are missing including my wallet. This is terrible that some people can pretend to run taxi business but thieves the victim says

Residents of Juba are used to women bag picking on motor bike but not taxi.

Coming in of Taxi operators picking bags seem to be new that the public have to watch as the charismas is at the corner.

The victim doubts the identity of those who got away with her belongings but says are not speaking Arabic as South Sudanese.

Comments were not availed by officials.


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