Ghana News: Leave our Vaginas alone


Sex. This is one of the three forces that run the world. What’s the name of the one master and manipulator of sex? The vagina. During sexual arousal, vaginal moisture increases by way of vaginal lubrication to reduce friction and allow for smoother penetration during sexual activity.

The texture of the vaginal walls can create friction for the penis during sexual intercourse and stimulate it toward ejaculation. Such brawn. Such strength.

Have you ever wondered how it seems so shallow when you insert a tampon but can still fit a well-endowed man? There is such a thing as the tenting effect. Performed by the vagina. With continued arousal, the inner two-thirds of the vagina increase both in length and width creating the tenting effect. When unexcited its walls touch (almost like a collapsed tube). At the same time there is a color change from the usual red to deep purple that even becomes darker. Don’t ask me, ask Dr.Khaled. Did you get that? It changes color while at the same time expanding. Whoa.

Finally, the term vagina is from the Latin word vāgīnae which literally means scabbard which is basically a sheath for holding a knife, sword or other large blade.

The vagina is such a strong, beautiful and versatile work of art that to assign it the traits of weakness and cowardice is grossly disrespectful. It is insulting to both women and men to be labelled by one word which denigrates their very being.
We cannot blame any one person for the broad acceptance of the use of this term. Language is a weapon, a tool. One which is designed and used to empower and dis-empower, to show dominance and subservience regardless of whether or not we want to accept it. Perception exists in the mind whether you want it to be or not. It matters not if ‘pussy’ is a truncation of pusillanimous, to use the term in a manner that shows disregard for the female sexuality will always ruffle feathers and disrupt balance.

For crying out loud, if you want to call someone a coward, the world has provided a word that sounds uncannily like pussy – pusillanimous. Use it and leave our vaginas alone!


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