CES Ministry of education reports drop in Performance.

The state Ministry of Education in Central Equatoria announces Monday that the state witnessed drop in performance in the South Sudan Certificate Exams released by the National Ministry last month compared to the previous years.

State Minister of Education Hastin Yokwe while announcing the State results of South Sudan Certificate Exams based on Sudan curriculum says that the drop is due to government shifting from Sudan Syllabus to South Sudan Program.

‘’ Academic year 2008/9, 2,474 Students sat our exams and 1,728 passed showing 69.8 percent, 2009/10 2,933 sat out of which 2190 passed equivalent of 74.7 Percent, he says ‘’2010/11, 3,386 sat with 2,490 passing representing 73.5 percent pass’’.

The Minister says in 2011-2012 those who sat were 4,212 and 3,255 passed indicating 77.3 percentages pass where in 2012/2013, 5137 attended our exams potentially 3,857 passed which shows 75.1 percent, but this academic year 2013/2014 there is drop if you compare to the past years. 5,544 sat our exams this year and only 4,120 passed that confirm 74.3 Percent.

South Sudan was using both Sudan and South Sudan programs but Yokwe says this could be the last year for the country to use Sudan program of study in the new nation.
Among 3,379 Male students who sat the exams 2,486 passed adding that 1,634 out of 2165 Female students passed making female students the best performers in the state with 75.5 % to male 73.7 percentage pass. The Minister says.

He mentioned that in Academic section boys passed with 73.5, commercial 70.0, technical 78.7 compared to girls percentages of 75.2, 79.2 and 76.2 percent respectively.

Yokwe decried the low performance of government schools saying the private schools did well due to better services they offer to both administration and students.

He said 1584 of the 2109 students who sat under private schools passed with 75.1 percent compared to 3435 of which 2536 passed under government schools with 73.8 percent.

He announced Terekeka Secondary the best among 10 schools with Tali the second, Juba Diocesan third and St Comboni Juba fourth.

The Ministry ranked Yapa secondary school 5th, St Mary secondary 6th, Rajaf 7th, Mahad Juba 8th, Sheik Hamdan 9th, and Wonduruba Secondary school ranked the 10th.

The state announced James Lomoro Rapheal of St Comboni as the best overall Candidate with 90 percent pass and Rose Ambrose Gedion of the same school among female best student with 88.5 percentage pass.

The Ministry says war affected teacher’s payment improvement implementation that the State had approved and remained practically on paper other than on ground adding the conflict even weakened the government’s economic power.

The National Government has formed as a way of making teachers smile a committee with representative from the ten States working on Salaries improvement for the whole Country Yokwe revealed stressing that the State is coordinating and would increase Salaries based on the resolutions of the committee.

The Minister did not mention when the work of the members will be out but says soon teachers will walk home happy hopping the resolutions would be implemented for the betterment of the teachers in the country if out.

He pointed out that the State also formed Teachers Review committee working on upgrading and promotions to make the teachers in the state increase performance and hard work.

The Minster said the announced results would reach Schools in the Country Side within the week.


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