Arrow boys rescue 10-year-old child LRA abductee in Rii Yubu

Arrow boys in Source from Yubu Payam in Tombura County of Western Equatoria State on Wednesday rescued a ten-year-old young boy that the Lord’s Resistance army or LRA abducted about two years ago.

Rii Yubu Payam chief, Charles Salabario in a telephone interview told Radio Anisa that arrow boys were on their usual patrol in the area bordering Central African Republic where they found the boy alone in the bush.

He complained that the army commander in Rii Yubu Payam immediately sent his forces and took the abducted child from the Arrow boys telling them they were sending the boy to Tombura.

Arrow boys say they do not know the where about of the child now.

Chief Salabario said citizens in his payam complained high prices as traders complained scarcity of Dollars affecting them from importing more goods.

Mr Salabario called on all South Sudanese to work for peace, advising the youth to be security conscious.


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