Commission demands masses to wear black ribbon on December 15

National Healing Peace and Reconciliation Commission on Friday appealed to South Sudanese masses to wear black ribbon to reflect solidarity with Juba residents massacred during December 15 2013 incident.

Commission Secretary-General Reverend Bernard Suwa told Bakhita Radio they were meeting to plan for grass roots participation to reflect on human losses incurred in mid December last year.

Professor Moses Machar called on warring parties to recognize the essence of saving lives and nationality by forgiveness, healing and reconciliation.

He added that in life brothers can disagree to murder point, but they must reconcile for cooperation and co-existence.

Episcopal Church of South Sudan and Sudan Rejaf Diocese Bishop Enock Tombe called for end to conflict, disclosing that December 15 incident was a historic cycle backdated to 1983 through 1991 Bor incident as a revenge cycle that must be ended.

He prayed for God’s intervention to save masses from fear of future violence by reigning all over South Sudan with peace during Christmas celebration.

Bishop Tombe encourages masses not to fear, but talk to warring parties who are even brothers and sisters.

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