CEPO urges government to help reduce fuel crisis

Community Empowerment for Progress Organization on Monday voiced concern on the ongoing fuel crisis, urging the government to reduce the disaster.

CEPO Executive Director Edmond Yakani described the women and children selling petrol in Juba town at high price as a “disturbing aspects” in fuel crisis, increasing problem in the city.

Mr Yakani urged law enforcement agents to allow journalists bring out the information of those hiding petrol and give it to children and women to sell in black market.

A Boda-boda rider in Juba, Thomas Lodu, said he bought one a half litres of petrol at 75 South Sudanese Pounds on Monday, wondering how expensive it would be after a week.

Children and women selling the fuel told Radio Bakhita on Monday that they sell one a half litres of petrol at 45 South Sudanese Pounds.


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