UNHCR South Sudan Inaugurates Primary Health Care Centre in Lobonok Payam, Central Equatoria State

JUBA_11 December 2014, UNHCR South Sudan, in partnership with (RRC) will join Central Equatoria State Ministry of Health, Central Equatoria Relief and Rehabilitation Commission and host community members to inaugurate UNHCR funded Primary Health Care Center (PHCC) in Lobonok Payam as part of two reintegration projects in Lobonok Payam.

The construction of the PHCC was based on a needs assessment conducted between UNHCR and RRC in 2012, the community cited health services as a priority given the distance of the area from Juba and lack of livelihoods opportunities.

Commendable efforts have been done to make health care more accessible to the people of Lobonok despite all the political dispute that struck the country nearly a year ago.

The example of ACROSS and many other UNHCR partners who work tirelessly to improve and strengthen health care for the needy and vulnerable is an eloquent testimony. UNHCR is pleased to join these efforts.

UNHCR intends to continue to combine its resources with those of the state government, NGOs, civil society and other donors, to help address the many challenges in health and enable more pregnant women in Lobonok to deliver in health centers, a greater number of children particularly the most vulnerable to have access to basic health services.

“I want to reaffirm to the people of Lobonok Payam, and the state government, the solidarity of UNHCR family and the willingness of UNHCR to support the Central Equatoria continue to move towards stability and progress in the provision of health services,” said UNHCR South Sudan Representative Cosmas Chanda.

The reintegration project to build a primary health care center in Lobonok aims to improve quick access of the population of Lobobok to health services. The Primary Health Care facility will provide inpatient and outpatient services and includes one incinerator, four stance latrines, one borehole and basic furniture.

The total cost of the project is $135,000 (400,950 south Sudanese pounds).

An agricultural project of $46,936 (139,399 South Sudanese pounds) is second reintegration project funded by UNHCR. A livelihoods project in agriculture was implemented by ACROSS under the 2014 reintegration project


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