US President Appeal to South Sudanese leaders to Peruse peace to honor those killed during 15 December conflict

The United State President has on Friday appealed to the leadership of the World’s Youngest Nation affected by the ongoing War to Peruse Peace as a way to honor those who have died.

President Barak Obama in a statement Issued by US Embassy in Juba says it is in the hands of the leaders to end the cycle of violence, to set forth on a course of reform and reconciliation, and to hold to account those responsible for atrocities.

Leadership that recalls the promise of South Sudan is what the country now needs to end this senseless conflict, he adds

‘’Last December, when a political conflict erupted into violence in South Sudan, the hope and optimism the world felt with the founding of the new nation in 2011 was overtaken by images of bloodshed and grief.’’ The statement reads, ‘’Instead of seeing the promise of their struggle for self-determination realized, the people of South Sudan have suffered countless, unimaginable tragedies. The magnitude of this crisis is felt in both the devastation that violence has left in towns and villages, and the scars—visible and invisible—on the South Sudanese people.’’

The United States will remain a friend to those who seek peace and progress, and will stand with the people of South Sudan.

‘’To the people of South Sudan, who have suffered for far too long, I urge you to renew the spirit of hope, unity, and fortitude that enabled you almost four years ago to come together and vote for a brighter future. For the sake of future generations, I urge you to seek peaceful reconciliation rather than violent retribution.’’ It continued.


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