Photo from UN News Centre

Photo from UN News Centre

The Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs on Tuesday in Juba has Urged South Sudan Government and Non government organization to get by the next months half a million South Sudanese Children that had lost access to education due to the ongoing conflict join school.

‘’One thing I feel badly about this year is all the Kids who Miss School, whose schools were destroyed, whose schools might have been occupied’’ Toby Lanzer United Nations Humanitarian Coordinator in South Sudan told Journalist in Juba. ‘’ Let us make special effort for the kids, I know it sounds so simple but we have to get more kids back into school because if we don’t the future of South Sudan which is so Imperiled already is really, really at great risk’’.

Pleading to the leadership all over the country to facilitate Agencies help South Sudan children get back to School he says it is for reason not to risk the future that over the first weeks OCHA will assist half a million kids get back to school who would be South Sudan future leaders.

The Humanitarian Coordinator adds that when children are in School they not only learn but can easily be protected, Vaccinated, give parents chance to do domestic work and be able to be given simple foods any where they may be.

In his message to donors Lanzer thanked them for their fantastic Support in South Sudan to a tune about 1.35 billion US dollars in 2014 urging people to send thank you letters acknowledging work of the countries that contributed the aid.

He called on the South Sudanese not to take this work for granted because donors cannot keep digging in to their pockets saying the People of South Sudan should start building their country other than relying on foreign workers.

‘’Donors are stretched. They can’t keep digging into their pockets. And so the really message is the South Sudanese have to fix this. And the South Sudanese need to start building their Country because nobody else can fix this and nobody else can build your country’’ He says. ‘’Nobody went to china over the past 30 years to build the roads in China. The People of South Sudan need to come together, they need to reconcile, they need to find peace and they need to build their country’’.

Explaining 2015 programs Lanzer adds that they would not only be focusing on education but pushing on all key life serving activities carried out in 2014 including Health Care, Water and Sanitation, Nutrition, food assistance and many more in over hundred destinations if the roads are open to reach the ever growing number of people in need in 2015.

He says OCHA estimated 4.1 million people who require and will get assistance by early next year adding that 2.5 million of the estimated population will be severely food insecure describing it a huge number that demand an incredible amount of collaboration between NGOs and UN agencies, Oppositions, government, all authorities in the country and big Support from the donor community.

I know that we can make it happen because we made it happen in 2014 but the really prize as we close the year and go to 2015 would be peace Lanzer stressed.


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