All St Mobil

All St Mobil

Reverend Fraser Yugu of the ECS Diocese of Juba in his sermon at All Saints Cathedral Mobil told the faithful who gathered for Christmas service  on Thursday that the world is sinking into state of confusion and suffering caused by human greed.

During English Mass that attracted thousands including South Sudan elder Abel Alier, South Sudan ministers from both National and Central Equatoria state governments, Rev: Yugu calls on the South Sudanese and the whole Christian community globally to pray for the end of this suffering.

Our human race is sinking into state of confusion. If you see the world we are sinking really. You can see the wars all over the world. In Kenya which is peaceful country some people organized themselves to disturb the peace in Kenya, in Somalia the same thing, in South Sudan we have now disturbance, in Congo, Central Africa and if you go to Nigeria the Boko Haram are there, He sermonizes

The world is engaged in conflicts not only in some African Countries like South Sudan, Libya, Somalia, DRC and Nigeria but also in other European and the Middle East Countries such as Ukraine Russia conflict and the ISIS Problem with yet no solution from the international community despite the existence of the United Nations that was formed to promote international cooperation to replace the League of Nations which was blamed for the outbreak of the Second World War.

‘’ The whole world is in problem because of human beings. Because of the Greed of Human being we the South Sudanese are in confusion. Three years old new country lost tens of thousands of its people in this senseless fighting of power struggle. We lost many people in this fighting.’’ Yugu preaches  ‘’You see when the war broke out in Heglig (Panthou ) between the South and the North we were more ready  to go and fight and the South Sudan Army were strong to push the Arabs and the people were happy the world called for the stop of the war immediately . That is good he says what about this senseless war where our generals and soldiers who liberated this country, we kill them with our own hands. We kill them with our own hands not caring whether in the opposition or in the government but they are still South Sudanese. This is Senseless war that is why it cannot be supported because people who liberated us die in our hands. That is not good’’.

The church leader called on the Christians to receive the good news of the new child born because the creation was originally good not violent the way it is this days that it cannot be ruled and kept properly.

Although the world was in peace it is now becoming very violent even in South Sudan you cannot go to some parts. If you go you will die. In Lakes state where we from outside know that it is only one tribe living there though there are small division internally still people die. Those who are killing are Christians killing fellow Christians for no cause. Revenge!  Why are these people dying yet there are no rebels there he preaches

The ECS Reverend calls on the people of South Sudan to stop the revenge killings saying that the people of the new nation should come to the church with no evil mind but transformational mind to get the country out of the bad things happening in the world’s new nation.

‘’Those who make the Nation to suffer at the end will be cast in to the furnace of fire where there will be … (Mat 13: 42). Those people who are causing people to suffer, those people who are killing people even in Juba here at night  although there are not seen by human eye but God can see them. He Sermonizes  ‘’Those who are now killing people anywhere in the parts of South Sudan God is still working over them at the end they will be thrown in to furnace of fire where they will cry day and night. God is still going after them. Do not say that you are not seen. The former mayor of Yei was killed here innocently. A woman not a man! We do not know the cause why you reach killing the women, children even the mad people in this war who do not know why people are fighting.’’

He denounced the ongoing robbery in South Sudan noting that those who have not received the good news rob even the clergy referring to the recent incident in Yei where ECS bishop was raided at gun point and his car including his property were taken though the car is said to have been recovered.

The reverend calls on the people to work hard so that everybody has his or her own property to reduce these incidents adding that the people are suppose to live in peace and unity among themselves but not to rob, kill and disturb each other.

No trust, no trust now in South Sudan where Pastors are killed, Bishops robbed. If I see someone with gun coming to me I would be running, it is better for the bullet to get me ahead there than waiting he preaches

He tells the faithful to be careful if they are doing these because the actors will be accountable to God voicing the need for accountability in the new nation.

It is not too late he says if the people  receive the good news of the child born, He Emmanuel   will restore South Sudanese to God by breaking the walls of sin that separate the people from God and one another like tribalism, Nepotism, Corruption among others.

Rev: Yugu calls on South Sudanese including the government and private sector to come out from the DARKNESS OF WAR, ETHNIC CLEANSING, VIOLENCE AND REVENGE, LYING, CATTLE RAIDING, LAND GRABBING, PROSTITUTION, NEPOTISM, CORRUPTION AND WITCH CRAFT because  are evil before God denouncing the slogan of One People One Nation. He says if the people are one there would be no such practices. The preacher acknowledges   that there is one nation but not one people in the face of all these practices.

He encourages the worshipers at the end of his sermon to be hopeful amidst the war cautioning the government for allowing witch craft announced in the Media.

In Juba posters advertising traditional doctors or what is termed witch craft can be found even posted on church walls and fence.

Brothers and sisters the meaning of Christmas is this: You listen. Let us be hopeful instead of hopeless, Let us not lose our hope, let us have hope even within this war, One day this fight will come to an end through the Prince of Peace Emmanuel. So it is good to have hope. He continues

Yugu urges the Christians to be peace loving and peacemaking instead of conflict generating.


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