As we celeb big days with some drinks by our side, put some oil on different parts of our body, take medicine when sick and many other activities, most of the products we use come from fruits. Here in South Sudan let everybody next year grow one tree that bears fruits. If you are ten in family that means ten trees and after ten years you will be the world lead fruit seller. On the streets of Juba many people sell them but who grows these fruits. Those who are selling try to know how the fruits you are selling becomes to be what you sell. If you sell Orange, Lemon, Avocado, Banana, Apple, etc put down some seeds for you to sell your own work product. You have already known the benefit of these trees’ products. People are talking of building industries leaving behind the step to industrial development- agriculture importantly the fruits sector. I am dismayed by some posts along the roads leading outside Juba with marks of EU showing demonstration farms with no plant at all except the bush. If it happens to have plants, it is equivalent of what a child can excavate in our villages. How can the big bodies fund postings without the real farm. If you could plant some fruits using that money along where you put your sign board could have helped the people of South Sudan. For the people of South Sudan who stay in towns, growing fruits is the best way to get your food since they do not need you stay there to do weeding. You can just go to your village dig few holes get you seedlings ready and drop there and you get back to the town only to visit your tree and say hello to it after some months where its green look will give you smile and desire to cultivate more. As you have heard of the government announcing early this month that Kaya Juba road will be made smooth soon, Road to Rumbek among others will also be an easy to drive roads by the near future, then start now to put what to transport to Ramciel in the coming future using these roads. As you move to Yei from Juba you find Lainya County. This County gives the people moving down the road chance to taste many fresh home grown foods which is a credit to those doing it. In many occasions I move in the markets in Juba to find that there are no home generated fruits but imported. I agree to import Apple but not others and still tell those selling to look out on how to grow them. Papaw in Juba comes sometimes from the locals in Juba (BARI) but how about the quality and quantity that they supply. These Papaw growers in Juba should look for breeds that are better to receive the floating money in the fruits market. Invest in fruits to save South Sudan. We ate fruits whether wild or domestic during the war and we need to plant more for the unseen future.


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