The office of the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement for Democratic Change SPLM_DC in Juba on Monday while celebrating Christmas and entrance to new office said the party would not accept the government policy of conducting elections amidst conflict.

We are not just going to fold our hands and wait until they carry out the elections. No! We think that it is unconstitutional. It is not legal because it is against the Election Act. Even the Commission itself is being dragged in to politics. It is suppose to be a neutral Commission but is dragged into political situation Lam Akol the leader of the SPLM-DC tells reporters in their new office in presence of few other political parties representative that attended the gathering.

‘’If the commission wanted to carry elections, why did it not carry elections for the four care taker governors whose term has expired according to the constitution,’’ he says ‘’ four of them has gone beyond sixty days. A care taker governor shouldn’t be more than sixty days in office. The fact that elections have not been done for the governors it means that it cannot be done. It means there is no security. This is a constitutional violation’’

The leader of SPLM_DC adds that before the election is conducted they will take legal measures required to persuade the government and tell that election is not the right thing to do in South Sudan at the time.

He says: ‘’We as political parties we are not for elections because peace is a priority you should work hard to bring peace about and peace means give and take. You must be able to make compromises so that peace can come. Peace will never come if you think that all you want must be achieved’’.

Lam Akol called on government to understand that the elections should not go ahead because there is no security to many people; hundreds are going hungry depending on food from the international community saying it would be morally wrong for election be conducted at a cost of around 1.5 billion pounds. He reveals that this elections when conducted will not be recognized by anybody or give the government legitimacy adding that it is the people who legitimacies government in truly free, transparent and peaceful elections. He called on the people of South Sudan to concentrate in looking for peace because peace is the only grantee for a stable country and to support political parties in their struggle in bringing lasting peace in South Sudan.

‘’You are always told that all the political parties are divided’’ he says but the ruling SPLM because they are divided they should not rule or should they be part of governing’’.

Now the SPLM is divided in to three why is it still ruling if division means nobody should rule. However it is a misleading statement. Political Parties by nature are different from each other and do not expect them to be one. When they come together it means it is another positive step of working together. In any country there are political parties with the government and those not with the government and they follow their programs. So you cannot have a delegation of Political parties being represented by political parties in the government. So who will represent the delegation of the government if the political parties in government have a different delegation? That delegation is meant to be for those political parties not in the government Lam Akol continues

We as political parties we have presented coherent positions paper long time ago on how to get out of the current crisis Lam adds accusing the government of refusing other parties opinion  by barring the political parties from attending the on and off peace talks in Addis Ababa.

He points out that without the political parties there will be no progress in the peace talks  blaming the officials in the negotiations of being position ambitious a factor he say delay the outcome of the talks. Akol hints that opposition political parties are concerned about long term programs of getting the country out from the crisis.

‘’The SPLM has failed to provide a program to run our country. They ruled the country now for nine years. A lot of money has come in to South Sudan. Just before independence the oil revenue were not less than 13 billion dollars. Other revenues were there, the budget of the South within the National Budget. He explains ‘’The bilateral support, the money that was raised in the Oslo conference all these adds up to not less than 20 billion dollars but there is nothing to be seen. Although the government has acknowledged that four billion was stolen in 2012 no measures taken up to now and this money would have done a lot of things’’



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