South Sudan’s CES reshuffle maintains Deputy Governor brings in new faces.

The governor of Central Equatoria State on Wednesday in Juba reshuffled his government issuing seven decrees relieving the state Cabinet retaining other Ministers.
Governor Clement Wani Konga relieved and reappointed his deputy Manase Lomole Waya in the same position.

He reshuffled Professor Scopas Dima Jibi from the position of Cabinet Minister bringing in the former Minister of Education Hastin Yokwe Anisio as Cabinet and Parliamentary Affairs Minister. Scopas Dima is now appointed as the General Managing Director for the Central Equatoria Insurance Regulatory Authority.

Professor Ladu Bureng was removed from the Finance and Economic Planning Ministry and appointed as Commissioner General for Central Equatoria Insurance Regulatory Authority while the former Commissioner of Yei River County Juma David Augustine brought in to sit on Bureng’s former seat.

Governor Wani Konga replaced Joseph Kulang John with the former Manager of Central Equatoria State Investment Authority Benjamin Goro Gimba to fill the State Ministry of Commerce Industry, Mining and Investment. Joseph Kulang is now the General Managing Director for Central Equatoria Magi Insurance.

Soba Samuel Manase retained his seat as the Minister of Information, Broadcasting and Tourism while Dr Jimmy Wongo the former minister of Physical Infrastructure and Rural Water moved out from the Cabinet and David Lokonga relived from the State Ministry of Culture, Antiquities Youth and Sports to put on Dr Jimmy’s Shoes however Dr Jimmy got a new seat as the General Managing Director for Central Equatoria Investment.

Governor Wani made the ministries of Agriculture and forestry, Animals Resources and Fisheries, the Ministry of Local Government and Law Enforcement, Ministry of Gender and Social Development, the Ministry of Cooperatives and Rural Development and the Ministry of Labour, Public Services have no new blood by retaining Professor Jacob Lupai, Dr Gada James Killa, Gerald Francis Nyukuye, Mary APayi Ayiga, Michael John Kanga and Lily Kapuki Paul Jurukin respectively.

The Ministry of Health, Sanitation and Environment got new face, Dr Felix Lado Johnson and the former Minister of Health Dr Emmanuel Iga Baya moved in new appointment as the Health Advisor to the State government.

The Governor brought Dr Gambu Wani Latio from the Position of General Managing Director of Central Equatoria Magi Insurance to be the current Minister of Education and Technology while Stephen Ladu Onesimo the former Commissioner General of Central Equatoria Insurance Regulatory Authority whose shoes taken by Professor Ladu Bureng is now the State Minister of Culture, Antiquities Youth and Sports.


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