Central Equatoria Government Describes Presidential Spokes Person Remarks Irresponsible, Unguided

Soba Samuel State  Minister of Information CES

Soba Samuel State Minister of Information CES

Central Equatoria State Minister of Information and official Spokes Person of the State government on Monday described South Sudan Presidential Spokes Person Ateny Wek Ateny remarks on the speech of Governor Clement Wani Konga while presiding over the swearing in of his Cabinet on Friday as irresponsible and Misguided.

Soba Samuel Manase told the media at a press Conference in the State Secretariat that Ateny Wek Ateny remarks published by Sudan Tribune describing the State Governor’s remarks as Irresponsible and Unfortunate are too Irresponsible and Misguided.

There is no value in joining this fight. It is the only chance the people of Equatoria coming together so as to bring an end to this war between Dinka and Nuer; statement attributed to the State Governor Wani Konga by Sudan Tribnue and provided by the State Spokes person to the Journalist reads.

A copy of Sudan Tribune report distributed at the press Conference quoted President Kirr’s Spokes Person Ateny Wek to have said, ‘’It is unfortunate Governor Clement Wani Konga had failed to know he is part of the government to make such irresponsible remarks. We believe the current war is not a war between the Dinka and Nuer but a war caused by people who want to change the government through unconstitutional means.’’

Soba Samuel Says his Governor’s statements can’t be put to test by Ateny Wek Ateny adding that Governor Wani is for peace and desire to see the current conflict ended.

‘’ Governor Clement Wani Konga is a man of peace and unity, this does not need explanation and more so he is the ardent supporter of constitutionalism, law and order.’’ Soba stresses. ‘’So the integrity, principle, and the resolve of H.E. the governor cannot be put to test by Comrade Ateny Wek Ateny.’’

The Minister explained that the Statement from his governor urging the people of Equatoria not to pick up arms comes from a leader who wants peace but not to complicate the situation.

He says Governor Wani was calling on his newly sworn in Ministers to work and advocate for peace.

Soba says if there is a statement from his Governor that is not pleasing, established Government Structures should be used to address and find out what went wrong instead of using the Media.

The State Minister of Information calls on the National Ministry of Information and Broadcasting to prioritize trainings and orientation to pressmen on how to handle Media.

Soba Urges the people of the State to not care about how the Governor was misquoted adding that the governor is working with President Kirr in realizing peace in the Country.


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