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(Thursday January 8 2015)  The Committee tasked to vet the newly sworn in State Cabinet on Thursday in Juba while presenting their report to the State Assembly observed that there was misuse of State resources and the previous Cabinet in their Council of Ministers Meetings spent their time discussing Issues of Tuition Fee and other assistance other than discussing service delivery to the Citizens.

The Eight points Observations also indicates that most State Ministers complained of delay of their Policy statements in the State Ministry of Cabinet and Parliamentary Affairs.

‘’State Spending was not based on approved budgets,’’ reads the document. ‘’There is lack of Transparency and Accountability on public spending.’’

The report says that most of the Ministries Planned activities are not funded by the State Ministry of Finance and State recourses are misused to help all people of South Sudan.

The committee complains in their report that time given for them to vet was too short saying that some Ministers did not avail their documents for scrutiny.

The Eight member team recommends the August House to take its decisions promptly adding that the current Minister of Cabinet and Parliamentary Affairs should table the Policy Statements of the Ministries to the Assembly.

In their recommendations they say the State Ministry of Finance should follow approved Budget and set up resources mobilization to be able to meet budget implementation calling on the whole State government to be Accountable and Transparent to the people of the State in discharge of duties.

The document recommends the State Council of Ministers to be mindful of service delivery to the residents and come out of discussions based on assistance.


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