Ivan: I am Frustrated to see new destruction.

The Assistant Secretary General for human right says Thursday that he is frustrated to see new destruction in directly conflict affected States since he visited the country last year.

Ivan simonovic say Bentiu was changing hands discouraging the population from the UN protection sites as  the town and citizens got hurt forcing the residents  to go to the cites during the day and return in the evening for protection.

‘’ What was striking is that Bentiu and Malakal are destroyed cities,’’ he says ‘’ during the day there is some life but during the night cities become ghost cities because almost all civilians return to our protection of civilian sites’’

‘’There are over 50 thousand now in Bentiu and over 20 thousand in Malakal . We shall continue to protect people on our protection sites. However it is essential to push for peace, this situation is not sustainable. If there is anything that was common message coming from every one being that woman or men, young or old, Nuer or Dinka it was that people want peace’’. Ivan tells reporters

He said he was encouraged by the messages of the two leader’s promising to push for peace and justice hoping that the promises would materialize soon.

‘’For the war to end you need two important persons to consent,’’ Ivan say ‘’ however in order to build sustainable peace there need much broader participation in the peace process. We need representatives of all ethnic groups, civil society, women, elders and religious leaders’’

He says the assurance of being close to peace by the two leaders is not enough but peace has to be signed and mutually supportive if is to be sustainable.

Simonovic says his office will continue to monitor human rights and public reporting.

He says peace is the only way to stop human right violations in the world new nation

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