Northern Corridor Countries Conclude twin Meetings on security, Labor.

Members of the four East African countries making up the Northern Corridor Integrated projects have concluded their twin cluster meetings of Immigration, Tourism, Trade, Labor and services, peace and security in Juba on Friday.

South Sudan Minister of Interior and Wild Life Conservation Aleu Ayieny Aleu during his remarks to the members said his city is much safer than Paris, Birmingham and New York.

‘’With our peace and security challenges we all share similar history, face common challenges and dreams for our future’’ he adds.

Aleu says peace and security can not prevail without correctional justice, human development and good governance.

‘’Peace and security cannot: and I strongly believe exist without freedoms, freedom will not last unless it is coupled with order, order cannot exist without freedom but freedom can never exist without order,’’  he stresses  ‘’Freedom  and order may  coexist, it is essential that freedom should be exercised under authority and order’’

Aleu says the enforcement of order should be based on Principles of Constitutional legality, necessity and proportionality.

‘’In our quest for peace and security there is need for victim offender dialogue which are underpinned by five Rs, and we have learned it in hard way,’’ Aleu says ‘’ our government is seeking to bring peace through these five Rs that is- Regret for mistakes we did, Remorse for what we did, Rehabilitation, Reintegration, Reconciliation between victims  and offenders’’

Ugandan Minister of State, Ministry of Internal Affairs Amb. James Baba says the Project is taken seriously by the four heads of states adding that its activities would be fast tracked and implemented.

Baba says the group deals with many issues including removal of work permits, free movement of people, railway, and single tourist visa.

James Baba adds that for the projects to move smoothly peace is essential in every country.

Sheikh Harerimana Mussa Fazil Rwanda Minister of Internal Security was the chairperson of the meeting; he says the meeting approved the roles of procedures for the coordination committee of the peace and security cluster.

Fazil reiterated the commitment of his government towards the Corridor.

Joseph Nyagah Kenyan National coordinator for Northern Corridor Integrated Projects added his voice saying Kenya will continue to be a friend of the world newest Nation by providing the relevant assistance to the government and its People to realize peace.

Nyagah expressed Kenya’s commitment to the Northern Corridor Activities assuring the people of the four countries that the Presidents would work hard to bring development.

‘’It is time for this part of the world to develop,’’ he says ‘’ It is time for Africa to develop and get result from the unity that we are enjoying at the moment’’

The four heads of States of Uganda, South Sudan, Kenya and Rwanda are expected to sit for their summit of the Northern Corridor in Kigali in few weeks Nyagah said.

South Sudan is still an observer.DSCN9458


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