Chinese Embassy in Juba Donates Items worth 10 Thousand US Dollar to Women Association

Chinese Amb. to South Sudan Ma Qiang take group Photo with women    in the office of South Sudan General Women Association  at the women office in Munuki 2015 Feb

Chinese Amb. to South Sudan Ma Qiang take group Photo with women in the office of South Sudan General Women Association at the women office in Munuki 2015 Feb as the women sing in Jubilation of receiving donation from China 

The Chinese Embassy in Juba on Thursday donated office Chairs and Tables worth ten thousand US dollars to South Sudan Women General Association.

Women from different ethnicity and regions gathered at their office in Munuki a suburb of Juba to receive the donation with traditional and religious songs welcoming and entraining the Chinese Ambassador Ma Qiang with dance and ululation.

Chairperson for South Sudan Business Forum Elizabeth Kiden calls on the Chinese Embassy to give the South Sudan women opportunity for Businesses to create impact in the country.

‘’When you help women,’’ Kiden says ‘’you help the family, the community and the whole Nation’’

The chairperson adds that there are many competing needs that need to be worked on and women needs tend to be at the bottom of the priorities.

‘’What we would like you to improve, support and partner with our government and parliament to make sure that women needs are met in  many initiatives geared towards improving socio-economic and health conditions of women are skills training programs aimed at equipping women to become financial independent’’,  Kiden says.

Kiden  tells the Ambassador  that South Sudan women are aware of the Chinese contribution in trying to bring peace, improve health and encouraging trade relations with friendly countries.

Abuk Justin Yac Member of the Women council expresses happiness  for the donation describing the Chinese Ambassador to be the first ever to have went down to see women in their offices.

Justin says they will extend their voice to women in grass root about the aid calling on women to wake up and learn by joining adult education.

Margret Marolyn Thomas is the Vice Chairperson for South Sudan Airline Operations Committee; she urges the Chinese government to help businesses   where women are involved to grow to solve the problem women face.

Thomas pushes for the Chinese government not only to help the country develop but also to empower the women in many ways as number one priority.

Marolyn calls for development in the Airline industry in South Sudan urging China Ambassador to raise the issue of Airline when meeting government officials in the New Nation.

‘’We women of South Sudan we are devastated by the current crisis, by the War, We are upset and we are saying that we want peace, enough is enough we want peace,’’ Shara James Akech chairperson for South Sudan General Women Association says.

‘’We want peace we don’t want war,’’ Akech stresses ‘’ we women we are multi task. We can do many things at the sometime. This is our nature and we are so proud of it’’

James calls on the warring parties to compromise for the women and the people of South Sudan to live in peace and stay together because the crisis has created mistrust and suspicion among South Sudanese communities.

She says the Women are the most losers of any conflict.

Ma Qiang the Chinese Ambassador to South Sudan points that his donation would help play critical role in developing the cause of South Sudan women.

‘’No doubt, woman is a kind of motivation of making society progress and the advancement of Women’s cause brings integrity and joy to all,’’ Ma Qiang says ‘’because when a woman progress, her family will definitely benefit’’

Ma Qiang calls on other Partners to pay more attention to women health, economic development and improvement of social status adding that the higher the status of women the better their welfare.

The Ambassador reiterates Chinese support in providing better humanitarian assistance to South Sudan.

Ma Qiang expresses hope that peace and stability returns to the world youngest Country.

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