S. Sudan’s President in Lakes state for Peace Conference

Juba Feb. 15, 2015. South Sudan President Salva Kiir will be attending Lakes state community-organized peace conference for three days. The conference will be bringing together different category of the state communities from youth, women, chiefs, religious leaders, and state sons and daughters in the law enforcement agents, politicians, civil society and observation of non-governmental international organizations. Lakes state has witnessed continuous hostilities and revenge killings among the communities for the last two months of 2015. CEPO appreciated the president move to attending the peace conference in person as president of the republic.
Mr. Edmund Yakani, Executive Director of CEPO said that His Excellency president honorably should give time to listen to the views of the citizens of the state and take immediately the citizens requires into action. The loss of lives and properties among our citizens of Lakes State is abnormal and that should not be allowed to continue. The most vulnerable groups who always paid the price of the death are the youth, women and children at estimate rate of 2-5 persons per week and 5-10 persons per month since the beginning of this year 2015.
CEPO realized that main reasons of the continuations violence in Lakes State was due to the following; Cattle raiding as results of limited livelihood opportunities for the youth; Competition over grazing land and water; Absence of justice and accountability on committed crimes; Culture of believing on revenge than observing rule of law; Presence of fire arms at the hands of the youth. The guns are supply by some leaders in the government under full strong cover and some of the arms are brought from the some elements that are engaged at arms trade at South Sudan and Sudan borders and politicization of the communities understanding for personal political gains by some politicians. Mr. Yakani said
CEPO strongly will recommend that best solutions for the violent conflict in Lakes state should be centered on the following; Making rule of law, justice and accountability prevail effectively and timely with observation of human rights principles; Restriction of politicians from politicizing the communities’ misunderstandings or disagreement for politician gain; Proper and effective civil disarmaments with observation of human rights principles and creating livelihood opportunities for the rural youth of Lakes state. CEPO expected that citizens’ opinions will be given priority more than augments of politicians which are normally much centered on fueling more violence


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