Sudan E.C Condemn killing of 148 in Kenya’s Garissa



Daniel Deng Bul Archbishop and Primate of the Province of the Episcopal Church of South Sudan and Sudan in a condolence message addressed to Dr. Eluid Wabukala Archbishop Anglican Church of Kenya Saturday and read to faithful during Easter celebrations Sunday in Juba condemned the killing of 148 people in Kenyan Garissa University College.

‘’My brother Eluid, I write to you in Solidarity and prayer condemning this barbaric act as is alleged to have been executed by Muslim brothers Al Shabab group in Garrisa. On behalf of the Christians in South Sudan and Sudan I do condemn   it in strongest terms possible,’’ Archbishop Deng said

‘’These 148 young people do not deserve violent death,’’ Deng added ‘’ it is a great loss to our continent. They were to engage and lead in development of Kenya and the continent as whole’’

The religious leader said the activities of Al Shabab should be considered and recognized as the latest forms   of threat jeopardizing coexistence and relation between Christians and Muslims adding that the kind of act is not only on Kenya but a threat and form of intimidation to the whole Christian family.

This is a difficult time not only for you in Kenya but also for us as Christian family.  This act of gunmen killings singling out non Muslims is not acceptable in God’s Eyes. It is a kind of evil controlled heart which knows no mercy of our lord Jesus. It is not even supported by Quran literature. Deng added in his message.

People whether in Kenya, Iraq, Syria, Nigeria and elsewhere are currently experiencing persecution in the hands of actors; the ECSSS Archbishop said this kind of evil reminded us of the sin our lord Jesus sacrificed   himself on the cross to reconcile human beings and all creation to God.

He added that the people will pray for the actors to be brought to book.

Deng assured the people of Kenya of support at this difficult moment calling the action cowardice.

The Sudanese Archbishop urged the leadership of Kenya to do all possible means to protect the lives of innocent citizens who are undergoing difficult time and comfort those affected by the Garrisa attack.

He consoled that the death of Jesus and rise is not in vain but is a hope for those who believe in him praying that human kind would put their hope in the resurrection of Christ.

Deng also prayed to God to continue strengthening, comforting   and giving person forgiving heart.


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