South Sudan High Prices Convinced Cabinet to Call For Workshop: Information Minister


Juba Friday 10.04.2015_South Sudan Government has scheduled to conduct workshop to address the skyrocketing market prices in the country.

Michael Makuei Lueth Minister of Information said Friday after council of ministers meeting that the government due to hiking commodities prices in the country is motivated to conduct workshop within two weeks to help get rid  of the daily increasing cost of goods and services so that the ordinary citizen affords.

Makuei said that about three weeks ago the council of ministers established a ministerial committee to conduct research and come up with a report on issues of prices and price control.

The minister said the committee worked on their report and presented its out come to the ministers inspiring the council to call for workshop to be conducted in Juba.

The council has authorized the same committee to prepare for the workshop he says.

Adding that the workshop will be   attended by all the stake holders so that the leadership study the actual root causes of increase in Market prices despite the fact that the government has been giving Letters of Credit to companies to supply commodities in to the country and sell at low cost.

He says that the report convinced the council of ministers that really the prices are high in the country and there is need for the leadership to come with a mechanism to control prices.

‘’Once a company is given an LC it means that it is buying the goods at the official rates. There is no black market rate companies buy commodities but unfortunately when these goods come here they are sold at high prices and the explanation is not clear.  Our people have suffered and it is our duty as government to protect them, stay in peace and not looted,’’ the Minister says. Makuei_Lueth_two


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