South Sudan High Prices Convinced Cabinet to Call For Workshop: Information Minister



Juba Friday 10.04.2015_South Sudan Government has scheduled to conduct workshop to address the skyrocketing market prices in the country.

Michael Makuei Lueth Minister of Information said Friday after council of ministers meeting that the government due to hiking commodities prices in the country is motivated to conduct workshop within two weeks to help get rid  of the daily increasing cost of goods and services so that the ordinary citizen affords.

Makuei said that about three weeks ago the council of ministers established a ministerial committee to conduct research and come up with a report on issues of prices and price control.

The minister said the committee worked on their report and presented its out come to the ministers inspiring the council to call for workshop to be conducted in Juba.

The council has authorized the same committee to prepare for the workshop he says.

Adding that the workshop will be   attended by all the stake holders so that the leadership study the actual root causes of increase in Market prices despite the fact that the government has been giving Letters of Credit to companies to supply commodities in to the country and sell at low cost.

He says that the report convinced the council of ministers that really the prices are high in the country and there is need for the leadership to come with a mechanism to control prices.

‘’Once a company is given an LC it means that it is buying the goods at the official rates. There is no black market rate companies buy commodities but unfortunately when these goods come here they are sold at high prices and the explanation is not clear.  Our people have suffered and it is our duty as government to protect them, stay in peace and not looted,’’ the Minister says. Makuei_Lueth_two


By 2050 Christianity, Islam Will Be Equal


In 50 years time, the world’s religious makeup is going to see some pretty massive changes.

According to a new report by the Pew Research Center, Christianity is likely to be practised by pretty much exactly the same share of the world population, while Islam is on an upward path — and by 2050, the two religions will be pretty much equal in size.

Christian and Hinduism are expected to keep up with the pace of global population growth (so keeping roughly the same portion of the world’s total), but Islam is expected to outstrip that considerably — Pew is forecasting a 73% increase in the number of Muslims around the world, against a 35% increase in the global population.

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Prosecutor: 100-Year-Old NJ Man Killed Wife With Ax, Then Self


CBS Philly

ELMWOOD PARK, N.J. (AP) — Prosecutors say a 100-year-old man apparently killed his wife with an ax as she slept in their home, then killed himself in the bathroom with a knife.

But it’s still not clear what sparked the murder-suicide late Sunday in Elmwood Park.

Bergen County Prosecutor John Molinelli says there was a “history of domestic issues” between Michael Juskin and his 88-year-old wife, Rosalia. But he said a motive for the attack remains under investigation.

Police officers found the couple in their Spruce Street home after relative — who was not in the home — called authorities. The deaths were made public Monday.

Authorities do not believe anyone else was in the home when the attack occurred.

Neighbors told The Record newspaper that they often saw the couple out and about — Michael Juskin walking a dog and his wife tending to her garden — but said…

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Destroyed or Destroyer?


Deepak verma

The 5th Artillery Brigade of the Republic of Korea Army conducted combat firing practice on March 26, and this M270 MLRS, a US-made armored, self-propelled, multiple rocket launcher made a hellish show. At first glance it is hard to tell for the inexperienced eyes if the missile is hitting or coming
April 07, 2015 at 06:57PM
By Deepak verma

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Arizona Sheriff: Driver’s Licenses For Immigrants ‘Has Now Become A Right’


CBS Sacramento

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (CBS Sacramento/AP) — California received nearly a half-million applications for driver’s licenses from immigrants in the country illegally in the three months since a new law took effect.

Department of Motor Vehicles Director Jean Shiomoto said in a statement that the figure shows far higher demand than the DMV expected. She said the agency thought it would take twice as long to get so many applications.

Pinal County, Arizona, Sheriff Paul Babeu told Fox News on Monday that law enforcement across the country are worried about immigrants receiving driver’s licenses.

“[A]s a way to incentivize all these illegals to come and apply for this driver’s license, and they expect over 90 percent of all the illegals to do this, is they ease their fears saying they will not share any of the data, any of the personal information about the person coming forward with any other government agency…

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Sudan E.C Condemn killing of 148 in Kenya’s Garissa




Daniel Deng Bul Archbishop and Primate of the Province of the Episcopal Church of South Sudan and Sudan in a condolence message addressed to Dr. Eluid Wabukala Archbishop Anglican Church of Kenya Saturday and read to faithful during Easter celebrations Sunday in Juba condemned the killing of 148 people in Kenyan Garissa University College.

‘’My brother Eluid, I write to you in Solidarity and prayer condemning this barbaric act as is alleged to have been executed by Muslim brothers Al Shabab group in Garrisa. On behalf of the Christians in South Sudan and Sudan I do condemn   it in strongest terms possible,’’ Archbishop Deng said

‘’These 148 young people do not deserve violent death,’’ Deng added ‘’ it is a great loss to our continent. They were to engage and lead in development of Kenya and the continent as whole’’

The religious leader said the activities of Al Shabab should be considered and recognized as the latest forms   of threat jeopardizing coexistence and relation between Christians and Muslims adding that the kind of act is not only on Kenya but a threat and form of intimidation to the whole Christian family.

This is a difficult time not only for you in Kenya but also for us as Christian family.  This act of gunmen killings singling out non Muslims is not acceptable in God’s Eyes. It is a kind of evil controlled heart which knows no mercy of our lord Jesus. It is not even supported by Quran literature. Deng added in his message.

People whether in Kenya, Iraq, Syria, Nigeria and elsewhere are currently experiencing persecution in the hands of actors; the ECSSS Archbishop said this kind of evil reminded us of the sin our lord Jesus sacrificed   himself on the cross to reconcile human beings and all creation to God.

He added that the people will pray for the actors to be brought to book.

Deng assured the people of Kenya of support at this difficult moment calling the action cowardice.

The Sudanese Archbishop urged the leadership of Kenya to do all possible means to protect the lives of innocent citizens who are undergoing difficult time and comfort those affected by the Garrisa attack.

He consoled that the death of Jesus and rise is not in vain but is a hope for those who believe in him praying that human kind would put their hope in the resurrection of Christ.

Deng also prayed to God to continue strengthening, comforting   and giving person forgiving heart.