Silence kills more than Bomb.

Most South Sudanese these days have zipped their lips regarding the ongoing sin in the Country. They think when they keep there the country Problem will end. Your Silence is another bomb that might be killing more than those using the bombs you know. I hear appeals, concerns, calls, warnings, but there is not an impact to show this conflict is going to end soon but instead it is growing day by day once a call or appeal is put up by those talking. Add up you voice you who is keeping silent. South Sudan National Bank (BOSS) With no clear records as the Auditor put it. Those doing that are more than the IS fighters, Boko Haram and any terrorist in the world. We have heard of our leaders calling themselves as liberators but now who have they liberated that they are now enslaving more than the slave traders did to blacks those days. For 100 South Sudanese pounds to trade at 20 thousand Ugandan Shillings and nearly 2 thousand South Sudanese pounds in other parts of the country at 100 US dollar then you keep clam? For a 50 kg bag of Sugar to cost (500 or more SSP) a salary of other people in the Country and you still say let it increase more? What a heart do you have my brother? 


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