Citizens Need to Grow More Fruits; Least Five Fruit Trees Every Family in Rural, Two in Urban

Man Transplant his Banana in Nyori Boma, Panyume Payam of Morobo County CES

Man Transplant his Banana in Nyori Boma, Panyume Payam of Morobo County CES

With the high prices of any single thing that can be converted to cash in South Sudan, there is need for the people of the Country to try putting down long term plans to address upsurge of the economic situation again. When the People of South Sudan were fighting their enemy –the Arabs in the Sudan, the SPLA and the entire People of the South by then fed themselves with either wild fruits or fruits like Mangoes Planted before the formation of the SPLA Since the coming of the SPLM led   South Sudan  government  or even during the process of the war with Sudan,  SPLA  did not put much effort of adding the fruits that they got within their liberated areas either naturally or manmade. Instead trees like Lulu that feed the South Sudanese giving both fruits and oil are cut down for cooking as fuel or to get honey or for building material or spoiled for no reason at all with no penalty to those who take part in such acts.  All over South Sudan you hardily find new mango trees growing along the roads. Even in Yei where some of the old mango tress within the town has been cut, authorities responsible for cutting who even did not participate in planting that time made bold decision to cut down the trees without replacing them. It is only of recent when government officials in Yei felt the impacts of the cutting down of the mango trees along Juba Yei road and urged people to plant more. But why did the government cut without planting first? With the situation that happen in Lakes State and a woman who works for the State government as an Advisor got missing and walked for three days feeding on wild fruits until she was got, she would have not fed on wild fruits alone if there were modern fruits planted by Lakes State Government or even the citizens in those areas she was passing through. The people of  Lakes State and South Sudan in General need to engage in fruit growing to help people who go missing in the bush get something to eat. It has to be made a policy that every citizen dig a hole and drop that seed there to multiply If the roads that connect Counties for example in Central Equatoria are made green by trees that bear fruits how many orphans , widows, War disabled, and those fathers who lost their children, relatives  due to war will get fed with these fruits? I am seeing future in fruit planting in South Sudan. If one was to plant a tree called independent tree right that time our flag was raised, how old would this tree have been and how many fruits it would have produced if that tree start bearing at 3. Taking us back to the population of our country as of the last census if every family was to have that independent tree how many trees would we have planted in South Sudan and if they also give fruits at 3 years, how many fruits will be filling our markets at this time that prices are high and what would have been the price of fruits in our Markets as we would been either selling or eating our independent fruits. Regardless of what type you grow it is it-Independent Mango, Lemon, Orange, Banana, Avocado; it would be supplying the market today. Though i believe you have not cultivated we still have more time to do it to help the next generation. Even today as you read this go and get that tree and dig hole put it there but remember to keep it clean like you do to your body. Trees are like humans. They need clean place with good feeding.  ,


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