Official Says Yei Would Soon Lead South Sudan in HIV/AIDs rates.

nhpc-header-1200Santo Paul Lasuba the Mayor of Yei Municipality has on Thursday during a meeting with Chiefs urged the community of Yei to respect chiefs to help reduce the ongoing bad behaviors in the Municipality. ‘’Here in the Municipality there is growing drug abuse, youth are going to bars and Hotels. I as the mayor have issued orders against these bad practices. These orders are to be implemented by the chiefs because the chiefs represent us in the local government. So the community should respect chiefs while doing their work,’’ Paul told Media in Yei during his first meeting with Chiefs since assuming office. The Mayor urged the community members to cooperate with the Municipality in implementing the orders the Municipal has issued majorly in control of spread of diseases. ‘’Now HIV/AID is spreading rapidly in Yei. Yei is number two after Yambio of Western Equatoria State. Soon we in Yei will be number one leading with high HIV/AIDs rates. We need massive awareness to be carried for the People to be aware of the disease in Yei,’’ Paul said Chris Issa Gordon the County AIDS Coordinator in Yei said his office has a three months cumulative results of clients Issued on April this year showing 3486 people  seeking HIV/AIDs treatment. The Coordinator said there has not been a decrease in getting people with HIV citing that the hospital gets on average above forty to fifty new clients per month. He said this might be due to increase in new infections in the community urging for urgent action to reduce the problem. He calls for increase in awareness, prevention intervention and information sharing within the public regarding the life threatening infection to cut down transmission. Gordon cites high HIV/AIDs treatment defaulter numbers of around 30-50 patients per three months in Yei revealing that there is a plan to trace those who avoid taking the ARVs. There are many complaints from the people we lead. The people need development in terms of roads, schools, hospitals so that if someone is sick there will be quick helped,’’ said the sub chief of Marju Sub Boma Sekowa Lumaya Isaac. Sekowa  advised the his counter parters  to continue working though there is no pay for the chiefs in South Sudan calling on the government to help the people of Marju Sub Boma finishes the construction of their community school remaining at roofing stage. Chiefs raised the suffering of their People due to the ongoing economic crisis adding that Yei is hosting internally displaced people who always buy from the Market but now have become unable to cop up with market Prices. They urge the government in Yei to control the Prices so that those who ran from conflict areas and are in Yei afford to feed their families.


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