Motor Bike Operators happy as fuel reach Yei

Pump in Yei with notice to customers  telling them that there is no disel

South Sudan’s Yei Municipality of Central Equatoria State on Thursday received over 60 thousand litres of fuel after suffering shortages for close to three weeks.

Edward Laki Samson Motor Bike operator in Yei said the arrival of Fuel to Yei would help them move to their farms to cultivate and bring food to their families.

He said when there was no fuel he stopped using his motor bike and walk to his farm or sleep at the farm site.

When there was no fuel i leave my motor bike home and go to the farm. It became unable for me to feed my family because i use my motor bikes to go to the garden or move to rural markets to buy and transport food for my family Laki said.

Laki expresses unhappiness of the Price of the fuel urging the government to supply Fuel in large quantity to reduce Prices per litre to six pounds in Yei because farmers do not afford the current 9 SSP price set by the town leadership following the fuel crisis.

In Yei before the fuel crisis hit the Municipality litre of fuel was around 7.5 SSP. The municipality raised the price per litre to 9 SSP early in May.

The Motor Bike Operators urged for better treatment of fuel suppliers while on the road calling on Boda Boda to reduce their charges as fuel is now available.

Aligo Aggrey Isaac Acting Director Department of commerce and Supply in the Municipality said of the 14 companies operating in the fuel business in Yei at least three have managed to deliver fuel to the town.

Aligo said mostly the companies are supplying petrol with diesel at small amount urging Station mangers to sell the fuel to the locals in the town but not to other nearby towns.

The Acting Director warned Fuel Station Managers against selling fuel in Black Market or being given in Jerry cans to customers.

The fuel that have arrived can be able to sustain the town for some two weeks he added calling on the Partners and government to assist fuel companies have frequent supply.

Aligo explained that the official rate per litre in the Municipality remains 9 SSP and any one disputing that or selling at higher cost would be punished saying Black Market Penalty is not less than 2000 SSP.


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