CEPO restarts walk for peace Campaign says Funding short fall derailed it.

June 9th 2015 Juba_Community Empowerment for Progress Organisation has on the 9th July restarted their Walk for Peace Campaign for a period of one month saying it was disrupted by lack of funding after five months of walking for Peace Activities in the Country.

The restart of the Peace Campaign comes at a time when the Warring parties are set for Addis consultations meeting to prepare for the opening of the Negotiation that collapsed early in March.

‘’Today’s campaign we have launched as CEPO is the renewal of our campaigns that we have been doing months ago. It is a peace campaign that we are calling for the two warring parties to Prioritise   peace and stop the war,’’ Edmond Yakani CEPO executive director told reporters in Juba at a Press conference.

He said though there was no funding they did not stop completely but withdraw the activities of having peaceful protest in the state capitals and resorted to issuing of statements.

Adding they are going back to the protest in the state capitals.

We launch it today because it is the 9th of June and as you know from today towards the 9th of July which is our independence day is one month, Yakani explained.

‘’The aim of this campaign is to ensure that our warring parties listen to the voices of our citizens and communities,’’ he said ‘’ the events that we will be having include peaceful processions in the eight state capitals and  what we want is real peace not war’’

Yakani added: ‘’we cannot do it in Malakal and Bentiu. We can also be having dedication of prayer for peace as part of the campaign. We have also established Skype called Southsudan.aucampaign to bring international media house to interview our citizens that have suffered from this crisis’’

He said the organisation will be engaged in meetings with leadership of the warring parties and keep on submitting petitions to IGAD and the Security Council to ensure that peace come to South Sudan and War is stopped.

South Sudan though her  warring parties have been engaged in  an on and off peace talks in  Ethiopian Capital Addis Ababa  there has been no fruitful outcome but War raging killing thousands with more displaced either internally or externally in need of humanitarian assistance. There are plans to restart the negotiations but no day has been announced while consultations are ongoing in Addis.

Yakani added that within the Walk for Peace campaign there will be demands for the inclusion of every stake holder to have chance to participate in the Peace Process. There should be a free space that is not restricted for others to have voice in the talks he said.

CEPO called for the religious leaders to dedicate every Sunday and Friday for fasting and prayer for peace in the war torn country.

South Sudan Conflict started in Juba mid December 2013 engulfing the three States making the Upper Nile region but kept on spilling to other Parts of the Country. Recently top national government and army officials are warning of growing rebellion in the Western Equatoria Region but State officials deny it saying the conflict is a result of Cattle keeper’s activities.


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