Eastern Equatoria official visit to emulate Yei Water Project

Hassan Urbano Alex Eastern Equatoria State Minister of Physical Infrastructures Thursday visited Yei Water Project calling on the people of the new nation to accept Change in their life.

The Minister Made the Statement in Yei at the end of one day visit to learn how Yei is delivering Water to the Natives.

We have come to Yei to Change the experience of the government in giving the People services in social economic development. If you have clean Water there will be healthy people who will be Productive economically in a good town Urbano said

Urbano said: ‘’after our tour we have seen the Water Kiosks. We have learnt a lot, giving the people Water at low cost is an experience we will take to our People to accept’’

He said accepting Change is a major challenge in South Sudan urging the South Sudanese to accept it in their lives adding that there is need for sensitization for the people to fit the world.

Though we are going through difficulty in the country due to high prices Urbano said he has seen that in Yei the people are healthy meaning food is there in the Market.

The minister requested the municipality to keep protecting the people advising citizens towards development to achieve economic growth.

Urbano appreciated GIZ as a good partner that want to free the People of South Sudan from Water associated diseases by providing clean drinking water.

He called on GIZ to put more effort in helping South Sudanese get good services.

Appreciating the security situation in Yei Urbano said the Citizens of Yei and Eastern Equatoria are peace loving people hosting other South Sudan citizens displaced by the 15 December ongoing conflict.

Santo Paul Lasuba the Mayor of Yei Municipality said the Municipalities of Torit and Yei will work together to develop the lives of their citizens urging for a stronger cooperation among the two Municipal leadership.

We have come to Yei to see the Water Utility in Yei and we would like to copy the same system to be in Torit. We have visited many sites including water Kiosk and we have seen that it is wonderful. It is good giving services in terms of clean drinking water said Matrin Odeki Ohuro Mayor of Torit Municipal council.


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