Education is tool for liberation we will Create Jobs but government should find happiness for the suffering citizens _Catholic University Graduates

Juba June 7th 2015_ Catholic University of South Sudan Juba Campus fresh graduates has  in Juba at the freedom hall expressed their willingness to create jobs to get employ South Sudan Job seekers.

The graduates asked the government to also help in expanding the chances of getting job in the country.

Having finished four years courses, about 125 graduated with 113 in Economics and Business administration and 12 in Education.

Charline Mariam Francis Miongo age 26 graduated with degree in Economics and Business administration saying her paper would help her think of ways of creating job for herself and employ others as she has nothing much to worry about at the moment.

Miongo says a woman has to put on four clothes in her life. She has to put on school uniform, gown, weeding clothe and finally put on a maternity clothe.

‘’I am very glad today to put on a gown,’’ she expresses her happiness ‘’ In fact all the graduates especially the females are very happy for this event because this is their time to push for the development of South Sudan through education’’

She encourages those who dropped out from school and have not graduated to strive to get to higher levels adding that education does not mean being in rich family.

I supported myself to this level she added.

‘’I wash clothes of people, i do any work,’’ Miongo explains her Status ‘’I wash anything that i can so that i get money to pay my school fee. My mother is poor and i belong to a single family whereby she cannot pay my tuition fee to cater for my education’’

She reveals that after seeing her suffering the government of Western Equatoria helped her to finish the long journey to get degree in Economics and Business Administration.

When we graduate like this and have nothing to do some of us become criminals so for this the government should also understand that they open jobs for people so that they work and avoid other criminal activities, Miongo adds

She however advised the graduates to be job creators stressing that she will continue with her clothe washing to go further to higher levels and do business to create jobs for others.

The Female graduate cites that foreigners are sweeping money in the country from work South Sudanese give the impression of being as dirty.

Miongo says she needs to study for her masters and PHD in Economics asking the government to encourage girl’s education beyond university.

Miongo: ‘’If i have the economy of South Sudan in my hands i will make sure that every resource that we have in South Sudan must go to each and every corner of the states in the country equally’’

Hillary Okulang  Kerbino 45 works for the National Ministry of Finance in South Sudan. He says he completed Diploma in Business Administration from Osol College Nairobi Kenya back in 2002. Kerbino adds that his degree in Economics and Business administration will help him do better in his work place improving the economy of South Sudan and Africa at large.

He advises the People of South Sudan to work for peace to reduce the ongoing economic crisis consoling that the economic crisis will not last for long.

Kerbino urges the business community not to keep increasing prices from time to time saying that South Sudanese need to stick to their humanitarian attitude of helping each other.

‘’ We should focus on Humanity and see how people are suffering,’’ Kerbino said ‘’ People are dying in other states. They do not have food. They do not have shelter. But if you have humanity you can at least think of how you can reduce the prices so that you can help your brothers and sister who are suffering’’

Our land is very rich in minerals, agriculture,’’ he added ‘’ We should put our focus mostly on agric because most of the things come from neighbouring countries like Uganda, Kenya, Ethiopia  and Dr Congo, most agric products come from there but if we put effort  in agric it will reduce this economic crisis .We can help through hard work and recue this country’’ 

On education Kerbino says the government should put more efforts on by giving chance to the private sectors working in the education sector to improve learning in South Sudan to reduce taking children to the neighbouring countries.

Simon Kulang Nyoul Major in the SPLA Army at his 50s graduated with degree in Education saying Education is a tool of liberation and development.

Kulang adds that there is no age limit in education but determination.

‘’How you determine your objectives is what matters,’’ Kulang says ‘’ you have to struggle until you achieve certain level of success. There is no freedom without struggle. You can get to School at 50, 60 or even 70 it is only determination’’

I urge the pastoralist communities to allow their daughters go to school to be the future of South Sudan, the Major adds.

‘’I have three daughters that have graduated in the East African Universities before me,’’  Kulang said‘’One graduated in Kampala, one in Makerere University, another in Nairobi with the fourth in college. My plan is to encourage these daughters of mine’’

As i hold this degree i pray that i use it for development he prayed to God.  

Kulang calls on the South Sudanese to remain united and let alone tribalism advising citizens of the new country to avoid sabotage at their various levels.



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