It was Saturday June 27 that i witnessed the most amazing things that happen in South Sudan. Cholera is on the rise in the country and most common food for the common people  was not easy to find at the usual places. Hence i ran to Jebel Market to find something to eat because my friend had told me of a Place where there exist at hiding a plate of Meal for me. I had to rush not to miss that Chance. Everyone knows how difficult it is to get food at affordable cost leave alone before city authorities’ ordered closure of restaurants. Some people who rely on street food might have gone for   days now without having food. But for me that Saturday after having sat comfortably at my hiding waiting for the plate to land on that table, the person who was to serve me ran inside and said at low tone ‘’People are fighting outside,’’ i became unlucky because my chance to eat is already gone since the area is already stormed by different groups of people. I too rush to the scene to feed my ears with that event. I saw two people seriously exchanging fist. In a minute another two have started searching for sticks to help their tribe mate. There was already blood on both sides. After short while these guys were dragged to Jebel police Station.

Why they fought- Statement to the police

One man Started: You see i went to type my document at the Computer point. I gave my work and the owner of the computer is typing my document. I sat there waiting for when my work will be completed. And this man came inside with his national identity card to be photo copied. I saw on the Card his place of birth written Bor. I kept quiet and want him to finish his photo coping and i will ask him. When his ID was photo copied i asked him to give me the ID to see. He refused. I asked him are you Dinka from Bor. You do not look like Dinka Bor rather you look like People from Uganda’s Arua or Yumbe, how did you get this ID from Bor. I again asked him to bring the ID and took the ID from him. When i looked it is written Bor so this person is not from Bor but he forged the document. He is a criminal then i slapped him that is how we started fighting. So you here in Jebel you cannot handle this case i am taking him to where i know he can tell who gave him the ID.

The Next Person gave his Statement.

I went to Photo copy my ID because i wanted to go to my journey since i do not have any document i use the National ID as a travel document. I found this man there waiting for his documents to be typed. When i gave my ID and i am suppose to go he asked to see it. I asked why you want to see my docmunent he said just bring. Then he asked if i am a Dinka from Bor. I do not look like Dinka he told me. I told him i am a Pojulu from Lainya County of Central Equatoria State and my birth Place is called Bori. But he did not understand then he slapped me then i also gave him that is how we started fighting.

Any way the police solved the case by sending each to treat himself.

Why do you think BOR AND BORI spelling difference could cause fight?


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