Torit parliamentarians to summon ministers over denying hunger related deaths

Eastern Equatoria State Legislative Assembly based in Torit on Wednesday made recommendation for summoning State Ministers of Information and Agriculture over denying hunger related death report from Ikwotos County.

State Information Minister Mark Akio and Agriculture Minister Clement Chichim are expected to appear before Torit parliament for contradicting a report by Ikwotos County Commissioner Peter Lokeng on death cases linked to food shortage, Radio Emmanuel reported.

Member of Parliament or MP Bernard Loki, the mover of the motion who hails from Ikwotos County argues that the denial of hunger related death report portrays Commissioner Lokeng a lair amidst the truth that people died of hunger in the area.

He says over 670 families have deserted their villages in search of survival in other areas due to hunger threats.

MP Loki explains that Chorokol and Chahar residents have migrated to Kakuma area in Kenya and that some moved to Uganda while others are settling in Magwi and Torit Counties where they can get some daily survival.

Legislator Marcelo Lokuju says the two ministers must apologize for what he referred to as “not representing the interest of the people”.

State Assembly Speaker Tobiolo Alberio Oromo expresses worries that citizens fleeing to Kakuma might die or return alive in desperate situation, asserting that there is no food in Kakuma.

Eastern Equatoria State Governor Louis Lobong Lojore recently declared the state as hunger stricken in need of relief aid. – See more at:


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