Parliament condemns sale of Peace Agreement document

The National Legislative Assembly condemns the sale in the streets of Juba the document of the Peace Agreement on the Resolution of Conflict in South Sudan signed in August.
Information Chairperson Thomas Wani Kundu says all citizens own the document and have the right to access it free of charge, Radio Bakhita reported.
He stresses that parliament condemns the individuals selling Peace Agreement document with the aim of making profits.
Legislator Wani calls on civil society organizations to help government agencies in disseminating and interpreting the peace document to rural communities.
He expresses parliamentary willingness to print the Peace Agreement document for the organizations or some individuals with the role of information dissemination.
Civil society organizations last week raised concerns about the sale of Peace Agreement document at a maximum price of 50 South Sudanese Pounds, arguing that Members of Parliament should utilize the 35 million Pounds 2015/2016 National Budget allocation for disseminating the peace agreement.

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