Security Council pushes for use of drones in S Sudan

The UN Security Council has requested Secretary General Ban Ki-moon to allow the peacekeeping mission in South Sudan to use unarmed drones.

It made the call on Friday after adopting a resolution that extends the mandate of the UNMISS for two months.

13 members of the Council voted in favor of the extension in absence of two countries; Russia and Venezuela.

The members say the complete deployment of UN personnel with tactical military helicopters and unarmed unmanned aerial systems will enable its military and police strength.

It says a review of the mandate should be conducted within 45 days.

The Security Council also called on Ki-moon to make available technical assistance for setting up a hybrid court in South Sudan.

It also expressed its intentions to consider targeted sanctions on those who obstruct peace in the country. Eye radio reported

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs welcome the extension of UNMISS mandate, but says the government will not allow use of drone by the peacekeeping force.

“The mandate of the UNMISS should be passed based on the principle of what is in the said agreement which states the protection of the civil population and the capacity building of our people,” said Amb Mawien Makol, Spokesperson.

“So any other unilateral declaration or anything of course will not be accepted here.”

The UN Security Council demanded that the government to comply with the Status of Forces Agreement with UNMISS.

On Friday, the UN complained that its peacekeeping patrol unit was manhandled by SPLA soldiers on the outskirt of Juba, an allegation the government could not deny or confirm.

The Council also called on all parties not to hinder access of relief personnel and delivery of humanitarian assistance.


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